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Naught – Stolen Babies

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Stolen Babies


No Comment Records

The sophomore effort by bizarro circus sounding punk/metal band Stolen Babies has arrived!  Yeah, it came out in October, but I had difficulty finding it — their merch store was down for a bit — but I have finally got my copy (along with a sweet-ass t-shirt).  I am a pretty big fan of the Dillinger Escape plan; I originally got into Stolen Babies when Gil Sharone (drummer) joined Dillinger, and I read he was from another band.  At the time, I was just getting into more agressive music such as Dillinger, thanks to the Mike Patton EP (Irony is a Dead Scene).  So, when I heard Stolen Babies, they were way more my speed.  The bizarre theatrical approach was very tasty.  I listened to the debut and was instantly in love.  The mix of stand-up bass, accordion, electric guitar, and Gil’s insanely tight drumming made for one kick-ass album.  Flash forward to 2012, and and I’m seeing them in the flesh opening for the all-mighty Devin Townsend (whom they complemented very well, excellent show), which is where I hear they have a new album coming out.  Well, color me giddy. Continue reading


Greatest Hits 1977–1990 – The Stranglers

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Greatest Hits 1977-1990

The Stranglers



So, I don’t particularly like greatest hits CDs.  I tend to view albums more as an overall artistic endeavor, and not just a collection of songs, which is what a greatest hits cd is.  However, I do own many greatest hits albums (I’m an enigma of a man, obviously), such as this one by Punk / New Wave / 80’s / Whatever Genre You Want To Call Them band The Stranglers.  Greatest hits are good for one thing: obtaining that one amazing song by the band (Well, two things, the second being: getting into said band.  But I still prefer actual albums for that.).

 So, the years from 1977 to 1990 seem to have been a strange time for The Stranglers.  They started off as a punk band and somehow drifted to new wave.  I don’t know much about punk or new wave, but The Stranglers never jumped out too much as being leaders of either movement to me.  However, there is a reason I bought this cd, which I’ll come to, don’t worry. Continue reading

Dookie-Green Day

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Green Day


Reprise Records

Remember where you were, 1994, you heard your first Green Day tune-perhaps on the radio or MTV. I do, I was 4. (What can I say, I had cool parents.) Okay, okay, I wasn’t wearing flannel and hitting shows and feeling apathetic being a part of “generation-x” in the 90; I was a child. Quite frankly, the best thing about Green Day’s third studio full length album, Dookie, is that no matter what generation you belong to it’s an album that connects to the “teen angst” years for everyone; it’s a perfect fit. This album is the dead on definition of everyone’s life at one time or another; a personal anthem in under an hour. Billie-Joe takes the words right out of your mouth. The raw, grunge-punk-whatever you want to call it- noise defines every apathetic feeling you have in your body, no matter who you are. Continue reading