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The Afterman: Descension – Coheed and Cambria

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The Afterman: Descension

Coheed and Cambria


Hundred Handed/Everything Evil

After a few months of grueling waiting and about half the songs being teased all over the internet, Coheed and Cambria have finally released the second part of their Afterman double album.  With twists and turns the other did not posses and a traditional happy-go-lucky with dark lyrics and ear-piercing vocals song, this album doesn’t exactly put the other to shame, but meets it on a totally different level of creaminmypantsness. Continue reading


The Afterman: Ascension – Coheed and Cambria

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The Afterman: Ascension

Coheed and Cambria


Hundred Handed/Evil Everything

With the return of Josh Eppard on drums after a two album hiatus and the integration of the new, non-oxy addicted, bass player Zach Cooper, Coheed and Cambria rockets us out of our brains with the first part of their new two album set, The Afterman: Ascension.   After Year of the Black Rainbow, and the end of the five album epic story of Coheed and Cambria’s dramatic adventure to save the world, I was skeptical on where Claudio Sanchez would go with the band’s newest album.  Needless to say, he did not disappoint on the narrative end, nor the music.

Claudio brings us back in time to the beginning of it all with the character Sirius Amory as he sets in place the Keywork and the planets held together by its power.  He discovers it as almost an afterlife where he encounters many different people whose energy after death is powering the Keywork; if you are a horrible being in life, your energy will echo through the afterlife in the same respect.  Not following?  Well you don’t have to!  The music itself is a great listen whether you know the story or not, each song being a stand alone theme brought in by events in the writer’s life. Continue reading