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Live Reviews – Winter Rite Tour: Ancient VVisdom, Royal Thunder, Pallbearer, and Enslaved. Bowery Ballroom, Manhattan, 2/22/13

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Better than playboy.

Better than Playboy.

Fellow site reviewers Michael and Ryan, our shithead friend Nick, and I attended this wonderful, little show last week.  Nick and I are big Enslaved fans.  Ryan likes Royal Thunder, who we all love, and Michael just goes to whatever shows we tell him to go to.  Needless to say, we were all pretty pumped for the bill.  I love Ancient VVisdom and couldn’t wait to see them live for the first time.  The rest I’ve seen before, but that made me all the more excited to see them again.  Ryan was what you would call a bitch the whole time.  He had a “cold” or something and whined from the get-go.  Nick and I like to wait outside the venue for hours so we can get up front; however, waiting outside in forty degree weather in NY made sick Ryan more cranky.  A strange, small man in a wizard hat chatted us up a bit before we entered the venue.  Once inside we all took some pisses, cold medicine for Ryan, and headed up to the stage area.  After four seconds of standing in the front row, Ryan decided he was too sick and headed up to the balcony to be lame.  Nick followed so he could get drunk.  Michael and I stayed front row.  Flash-forward through an hour of waiting and us talking about Dark Souls and the concert begins.  Context over. Continue reading


Demo – Goya

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Locals from Phoenix, Arizona, Goya have put out their first release just recently: a five-track collection of Doom and Stoner Metal demos.  The trio — consisting of Jeff Owens on guitar and vocals, Jirix-Mie Paz on bass, and Shane Taylor on drums — really sound top-drawer musically on the album.  They sound determined to play the hell out of their chosen genre, working in crushing moods, aggressive vocals, and Sabbathesque riffs into every song.

As I mentioned, Goya does have a great sound to their music, helped by the fact that they seem to genuinely work well as a band.  Being tight as a band doesn’t come easily, but these five songs prove Goya has that ability already in their early career.  The  collection opens with “God Lie,” and right away, the listener can tell how well versed the band is in each other.  Paz’s bass carries the track, starting it off with a slow line, and the drums and guitar come in softly as well.  Goya opens the song up after a quick pause, followed by a heavy guitar riff — really, these guys are like vultures feeding off of each other sonically. Continue reading

Dopesmoker – Sleep

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1999 / 2003 / 2012

Southern Lord Records

Dopesmoker, the ultimate stoner metal album.  Clocking in at one hour, we are treated to one very long, delicious song. Originally, Sleep’s label at the time refused to release the album in its original form causing an argument between the band and the label.  Eventually the album would be released in an edited version titled Jerusalem with a cut run-time and the song split into six separate tracks in 1999.  The Dopesmoker release would come out in 2003 by Tee Pee records.  Bass player/vocalist  Al Cisneros stated that while this release wasn’t exactly the version they submitted, it was the closest release yet.  Come March 2012, Southern Lord Records announced a new release and remaster of the album.  They were initially contacted by Cisneros who expressed an interest in a new release.  Now this reissue is out in a gorgeous 2X LP green vinyl set (as well as CD, gay). Continue reading