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Random Quick Picks

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So, Ryan has got me to join him in a random rotation album shuffle — basically selecting twenty-five albums at random from our collections and listening to them from start to finish before moving on to the next one.  Once the twenty-five are finished, we repeat.  It’s a good way to bust out the stuff you don’t listen to as much or that you haven’t listened to at all.  I completed my first five albums the other day, so here are some shitty thoughts on them.



Black Sabbath


NEMS / Warner Bros. / Vertigo

Black Sabbath is one of my favorite bands.  From the Ozzy era, the first six albums are incredible, Sabotage being number six.  I do listen to this album somewhat regularly, but since it came up in the random shuffle, I gave it a good, solid listen.  For some reason I liked it more this time around than I remembered liking it.  Sabotage is an excellent mix of heavier Sabbath, such as “Symptom of The Universe” — which is a fantastic track — and some more experimental stuff.  The only song I wasn’t too crazy about is “Am I Going Insane.”  It feels a little too poppy for the rest of the album.  Otherwise this is a sexy slice of Sabbath. Continue reading


Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not – Arctic Monkeys

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Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

Arctic Monkeys



I’m just going to say this to start off, as I’m sure it’ll become very obvious throughout this review: I’m a glutton for British culture. I love their slang and of course their music. I also find it fascinating to look at the parallels between their culture and American culture. It only seems fitting that an album that is a descriptor of youth culture in England would be right up my alley, and it is.

So, as I alluded to, “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not,” the debut album by Arctic Monkeys, almost exclusively describes youth subculture in England. It’s even been theorized that its a concept album, mainly due to the album’s first person tales from people frequenting nightclubs. Continue reading

Pieces of the People We Love – The Rapture

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Pieces of the People We Love

The Rapture



Ok so The Rapture was pretty much my first foray into the world of indie-dance music.  They and Junior Senior got me into the world of upbeat electronic, which I’m clearly still into, as my first review for this site was Does it Offend You, Yeah?  So the album I’m reviewing here is Pieces of the People We Love.  Luke Jenner really went nuts on the album, and his vocals are fantastic.  I liked this album so much, that I actually purchased it with money in a tangible format (har har har).  So what we have here is something rare for me.

The album starts off with some vocals fading in, and then the beat comes in for “Don Gon Do It”.  Some of these vocals are weird as hell, and don’t make any sense, but it’s cool because they don’t have to.  The song itself is really simple, but catchy, and really is a good album opener.  It really gets you in the mood to dance, or do whatever (not that mood).  The one lyric that really stands out here is ‘you are so fucked up, I wish you’d die’, if only for its profanity. Continue reading

Black Holes and Revelations – Muse

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Black Holes and Revelations


Helium 3 / Warner Bros.


Honestly, I never knew about Muse until this album.  I was way late to listen to them, seeing as this is their fourth studio album.  Critically, Black Holes was met with acclamation and disdain.  Both sides cite this album, even the band really, as being overblown and theatrical.  And this is totally true.  Muse is overblown and theatrical.  That’s why I like them.  Who else is like that?  Who else creates sounds that continually get bigger and bigger?  The band, who combine influences of progressive rock with classic rock, can be summed up neatly with one word: epic.

Sure, this might be a little too clean-cut, but it’s true.  Their lyrics may be politically charged, but Muse keeps specifics out of the songs.  This vagueness brings a sense of idealism to the album.  “No one’s gonna take me alive,” “You’ll burn in Hell for your sins,” “Will our leaders tell us why?”  All this grandness lets anyone get into the album, even though Black Holes is lousy with ambiguity. Continue reading

Broken Boy Soldiers – The Raconteurs

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Broken Boy Soldiers

The Raconteurs


Third Man Records


 Ah, Jack White, how restless you are.  Here, we have a guy who’s extremely successful with his original band The White Stripes, and between albums he starts a completely new band, The Raconteurs.  Personally, I prefer the indie-pop of Brendan Benson’s solo output to that of The White Stripes (or The Greenhornes for that matter).  nonetheless, this album feels completely like a band.  They know that they’re side-band comprised of already acknowledged musician’s, but it sounds like they don’t give a damn.  Continue reading