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II – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra



“Who cares what God is?” singer Ruban Nielson intones over the psych-stoner jam of “Monki,” the seventh track of the new Unknown Mortal Orchestra album.  Consider that query the thesis for II, a half-hearted attempt at the process of undermining.  Undermining who or what?  Doesn’t matter.  Nielson and his power trio of a band — Jake Portrait on bass and Greg Rogove on drums — are simply delivering a powerful record of psych-rock grooves, an expansion upon their sound from 2011’s self-titled release.

Seductively adorned with British Wiccan Janet Farrar on the cover, II may act like a subversive record, but overall, isn’t.  With song titles like “So Good At Being In Trouble” or “No Need For A Leader,” one might expect something other than the mellow funk sounds of UMO.  However, there the beauty lies.  The fun of the album isn’t the (weak) anti-establishment message but instead the music; the surreal soundscape combined with the imagery of Nielson’s lyrics is what actualizes II as an enjoyable experience. Continue reading