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Michael’s Top Ten Minus One of 2012

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Alright children, sit and gather ’round, ’cause the Man of Year is giving his personal faves for 2012. Of course, like Kristen, I hate the number ten, so what’ll my top nine be?  THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME.


‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!

Godspeed You! Black Emperor



Ryan, having once again interested me in a band, had me check these guys out. A heavy instrumental band, they kick some ass. Since this is the first album that I have listened to from them, I figure I should check out their other stuff. So far my favorite from this album has to be the second song, “Their Helicopters’ Sing.” It reminds me a lot of Wagner, the classical/opera composer, and the instrumentals in this song are quite impressive.

Best Tracks:”Their Helicopters’ Sing” and “We Drift Like Worried FireContinue reading


Nicholas’ Top Ten of 2012

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Year-end best-of lists suck.  I haven’t listened to everything that came out this year that I wanted to hear yet (Neurosis, High On Fire, Melvins, etc. fucking etc).  There’s just too much.  And 2012 was pretty God damn good year for music.  So, this is not a best of list.  This is simply my favorites.  The albums I spun the most.  The ones I like more than the ones I hated (Muse).

In no particular order…

(Edit: Ryan is making me do a numbered list even though I don’t want to.  So now the albums are numbered.)



Royal Thunder


Relapse Records

Another kick-ass debut album.  Royal Thunder’s CVI is a super dose of hard rock a la Black Sabbath doomage.  Everything about this album kicks ass.  Front woman Mlny Parsonz has a strong voice that leads the monstrous riffs through the seedy, dimly lit, back alleys the music feels like it’s bringing you to.  This is a band that must be seen live as well.  They were easily one of the best performances I saw this year.  If you like your hard rock to rock hard, pick this album up immediately.

Best Track:  “Parsonz CurseContinue reading

Contain Us – The Devin Townsend Project

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Contain Us

Devin Townsend


InsideOut Music / HevyDevy

Devin Townsend.  The man behind industrial/progressive metal band Strapping Young Lad.  Townsend has had quite a diverse and insane solo career.  From the ambient sounds of Devlab, to the swing and jazz grooves of Infinity, to the alien/comedy/sci-fi/concept album Ziltoid the Omniscient, Devin is not one to do the same thing over and over again.  The Contain Us box set collects Devin’s last four solo albums which make up one musical movement known as The Devin Townsend Project.  Four albums that all sound drastically different.  Ki, Addicted!, Deconstruction, and Ghost.  The set also has two bonus discs of B-sides and demos, as well as two DVD;  500 copies also came with a limited 10-inch vinyl with two songs.  I’ll try to discuss everything included in this wonderful set.  I’ll say that right off the bat, it is a must have for Devin Townsend fans — no questions asked, you should own this.  So let’s start with the main albums, shall we?


Ki — the first album to be released in the series kicks off with the soft sounds of Devin’s guitar.  A peaceful introduction.  The start of an insane four album ride.  The first song on the album is “Coast,” a mid-paced song with a solid bass groove that pulls the listener along.  Devin’s vocals start nice and soft.  As a matter of fact this whole album is on the soft side, half progressive-rock and half experimental.  Every time a song on the album begins to get into heavier territory it quickly stops itself, as if it were thinking really hard about not having its way with that sixteen-year-old.  Acoustics and some electronics are sprinkled throughout the music as well as the occasional heavy riff, but it never crosses over into the prog-metal territory that Devin is most well-known for.  “Trainfire” is a personal favorite.  Opening with a shuffle beat reminiscent of Devin’s own Bad Devil and some rockabilly-like vocals just goes to show how diverse the sexy bald man can be.  Ki is a top quality progressive-rock record with some nice experimentation thrown in the mix.  Buy this, now. Continue reading