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Random Quick Picks

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So, Ryan has got me to join him in a random rotation album shuffle — basically selecting twenty-five albums at random from our collections and listening to them from start to finish before moving on to the next one.  Once the twenty-five are finished, we repeat.  It’s a good way to bust out the stuff you don’t listen to as much or that you haven’t listened to at all.  I completed my first five albums the other day, so here are some shitty thoughts on them.



Black Sabbath


NEMS / Warner Bros. / Vertigo

Black Sabbath is one of my favorite bands.  From the Ozzy era, the first six albums are incredible, Sabotage being number six.  I do listen to this album somewhat regularly, but since it came up in the random shuffle, I gave it a good, solid listen.  For some reason I liked it more this time around than I remembered liking it.  Sabotage is an excellent mix of heavier Sabbath, such as “Symptom of The Universe” — which is a fantastic track — and some more experimental stuff.  The only song I wasn’t too crazy about is “Am I Going Insane.”  It feels a little too poppy for the rest of the album.  Otherwise this is a sexy slice of Sabbath. Continue reading


Secret Treaties – Blue Öyster Cult

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Secret Treaties

Blue Öyster Cult


CBS Records

 Classic rock band Blue Öyster Cult’s third album, Secret Treaties, is one that I would love to say is an album, lost in obscurity.  However, that’s not entirely true.  Released in 1974, it spent weeks in the US charts, peaking at #53, and, in the early ’90’s, went Gold.  So, no, it’s not really an obscure album.  However, whenever people think B.Ö.C., they normally think: “Don’t Fear the Reaper”, “Godzilla”, “Burnin’ for You” – never “Career of Evil”, “Dominance and Submission”, or even “Flaming Telepaths.” 

With only eight songs, Secret Treaties is a quick album, although for the standards of the early ’70’s, probably not.  Even though none of the songs were huge hits, the album contains three well-known songs: “ME 262”, the aforementioned “Flaming Telepaths”, and “Astronomy”.  And with such a short play time (the album lasts about 38 minutes, and some current bands could use a lesson in such brevity.  Hint: Flaming Lips, maybe?), the band keeps any ramblings to a minimum resulting in a solid, though not amazing, album. Continue reading