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Live Reviews – Winter Rite Tour: Ancient VVisdom, Royal Thunder, Pallbearer, and Enslaved. Bowery Ballroom, Manhattan, 2/22/13

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Better than playboy.

Better than Playboy.

Fellow site reviewers Michael and Ryan, our shithead friend Nick, and I attended this wonderful, little show last week.  Nick and I are big Enslaved fans.  Ryan likes Royal Thunder, who we all love, and Michael just goes to whatever shows we tell him to go to.  Needless to say, we were all pretty pumped for the bill.  I love Ancient VVisdom and couldn’t wait to see them live for the first time.  The rest I’ve seen before, but that made me all the more excited to see them again.  Ryan was what you would call a bitch the whole time.  He had a “cold” or something and whined from the get-go.  Nick and I like to wait outside the venue for hours so we can get up front; however, waiting outside in forty degree weather in NY made sick Ryan more cranky.  A strange, small man in a wizard hat chatted us up a bit before we entered the venue.  Once inside we all took some pisses, cold medicine for Ryan, and headed up to the stage area.  After four seconds of standing in the front row, Ryan decided he was too sick and headed up to the balcony to be lame.  Nick followed so he could get drunk.  Michael and I stayed front row.  Flash-forward through an hour of waiting and us talking about Dark Souls and the concert begins.  Context over. Continue reading


Naught – Stolen Babies

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Stolen Babies


No Comment Records

The sophomore effort by bizarro circus sounding punk/metal band Stolen Babies has arrived!  Yeah, it came out in October, but I had difficulty finding it — their merch store was down for a bit — but I have finally got my copy (along with a sweet-ass t-shirt).  I am a pretty big fan of the Dillinger Escape plan; I originally got into Stolen Babies when Gil Sharone (drummer) joined Dillinger, and I read he was from another band.  At the time, I was just getting into more agressive music such as Dillinger, thanks to the Mike Patton EP (Irony is a Dead Scene).  So, when I heard Stolen Babies, they were way more my speed.  The bizarre theatrical approach was very tasty.  I listened to the debut and was instantly in love.  The mix of stand-up bass, accordion, electric guitar, and Gil’s insanely tight drumming made for one kick-ass album.  Flash forward to 2012, and and I’m seeing them in the flesh opening for the all-mighty Devin Townsend (whom they complemented very well, excellent show), which is where I hear they have a new album coming out.  Well, color me giddy. Continue reading

Random Quick Picks

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So, Ryan has got me to join him in a random rotation album shuffle — basically selecting twenty-five albums at random from our collections and listening to them from start to finish before moving on to the next one.  Once the twenty-five are finished, we repeat.  It’s a good way to bust out the stuff you don’t listen to as much or that you haven’t listened to at all.  I completed my first five albums the other day, so here are some shitty thoughts on them.



Black Sabbath


NEMS / Warner Bros. / Vertigo

Black Sabbath is one of my favorite bands.  From the Ozzy era, the first six albums are incredible, Sabotage being number six.  I do listen to this album somewhat regularly, but since it came up in the random shuffle, I gave it a good, solid listen.  For some reason I liked it more this time around than I remembered liking it.  Sabotage is an excellent mix of heavier Sabbath, such as “Symptom of The Universe” — which is a fantastic track — and some more experimental stuff.  The only song I wasn’t too crazy about is “Am I Going Insane.”  It feels a little too poppy for the rest of the album.  Otherwise this is a sexy slice of Sabbath. Continue reading

Nicholas’ Top Ten of 2012

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Year-end best-of lists suck.  I haven’t listened to everything that came out this year that I wanted to hear yet (Neurosis, High On Fire, Melvins, etc. fucking etc).  There’s just too much.  And 2012 was pretty God damn good year for music.  So, this is not a best of list.  This is simply my favorites.  The albums I spun the most.  The ones I like more than the ones I hated (Muse).

In no particular order…

(Edit: Ryan is making me do a numbered list even though I don’t want to.  So now the albums are numbered.)



Royal Thunder


Relapse Records

Another kick-ass debut album.  Royal Thunder’s CVI is a super dose of hard rock a la Black Sabbath doomage.  Everything about this album kicks ass.  Front woman Mlny Parsonz has a strong voice that leads the monstrous riffs through the seedy, dimly lit, back alleys the music feels like it’s bringing you to.  This is a band that must be seen live as well.  They were easily one of the best performances I saw this year.  If you like your hard rock to rock hard, pick this album up immediately.

Best Track:  “Parsonz CurseContinue reading

In Honor of The Hobbit: Songs With “Wizard” in the Title.

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Like any good metal fan, I love Lord of The Rings.  So in honor of the release of the prequel, (that is being split into three fucking films for some asinine reason (read: money)) let’s listen to some songs about wizards.  Well, songs with the word “wizard” in the title anyway; they might not actually be about wizards.


The Wizard” – Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath)

This one, we know, was indeed inspired by Gandalf.  It’s filled with tasty licks that one would expect from Sabbath, Ozzy’s old howling vocals, and some harmonica also provided by the now walking corpse.  Tight rhythm from Mr. Ward and Mr. Geezer all add up to a classic metal track. Continue reading

Blood Music Interview

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It’s no secret here that we are big fans of Blood Music  (read reviews for their Lykathea Aflame and maudlin of The Well releases) and what it is they are doing as a small distributor.  Putting out incredible limited editions of classic albums on vinyl and CD as well as signing some newer bands, Blood Music is making their mark among metal fans.  They were kind enough to answer some questions for us.  Covering their beginnings to how they go about choosing and signing artists, they gave us the juice.  So read on, and enjoy.

Stereo Control:  Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us.

Blood Music:  Thanks for taking an interest!  We’re surprised and impressed that so many people are excited about our releases.

SC:  So let’s start at the beginning, what made you want start a small label?

BM:  Let’s flash-forward to BEFORE the beginning:

This is the odd thing.  I think my first idea for starting a label came strongly about seventeen years ago when I first got into hardcore.  I was approaching all kinds of local bands about making a split 7″, and they all agreed, but I never got the courage.  I even started up my own distro, but I was such a shy kid that I had trouble selling the records. I carried them in a bag to only one show.  At one point, I just opened it on the floor, and people started grabbing them, as there were many rare records, but I never took it out again.

I also had people send me money for a catalog (back in the days when people PAID to get catalogs), but I was too shy to make a catalog, and I always felt like a terrible person for never sending it.

The actual beginning: Continue reading

A Triple Dose of ’70s Hard Rock

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Night Sun



Hailing from Germany, Mournin’ is Night Sun’s one and only album.  It is a chaotic slice of schizophrenic Hard Rock from the tasty Nineteen-seventies.  Wasting no time to jump into the madness, the album kicks off with the appropriately titled “Plastic Shotgun“, plunging the listener with a bang right into the fast and furious style of the band.  Blending riff after riff with raw pounding drums, twin guitar leads, and some jamming organ, there is an extra dose of Prog added to the mix.  Songs like “Got A Bone of My Own” open with some psychedelic noodling before kicking you in the face with the fuzzy guitars and erotic riffage.  When you are craving that jam oriented sound of old-school Hard Rock, there is no better way to get that fix then by sucking the vein of the actual era.  It is an absolute shame this is Night Sun’s only release, at least they left us with an excellent album that truly rocks from start to finish.

Continue reading