The Afterman: Descension – Coheed and Cambria

The Afterman: Descension

Coheed and Cambria


Hundred Handed/Everything Evil

After a few months of grueling waiting and about half the songs being teased all over the internet, Coheed and Cambria have finally released the second part of their Afterman double album.  With twists and turns the other did not posses and a traditional happy-go-lucky with dark lyrics and ear-piercing vocals song, this album doesn’t exactly put the other to shame, but meets it on a totally different level of creaminmypantsness.

“The Hard Sell” slings up a buffet of sweet riffs, out-of-place (but still kick-ass) solos, and angry lyrics that make you wanna say “fuck bull shit and all it stands for.”  Just imagine a world without people arguing about nonsensical things like what brand of butter is better or whose make-up looks better or how often Brangelina adopts a new Ethiopian.  Well if you’re anything like me, this song will send you on said little journey through a series of thoughts starting with “that shit is badass” and ending with “that shit is TOTALLY fucking badass.”  “Number City” is a simple, but fun song that stands a little lower on the ladder.  It may have a cool groove, but the song loses me near the end when they start counting up from two to five a few more times than I need.  ***(Three listens later)*** I find myself liking the song as much as my other favorites on the CD.  First impressions aren’t always what they seem, kids.

This smile is all I see in my wet dreams.

The darkness and horror of Ascension is settled down for Descension with some slower songs and beautiful melodies that, at times, don’t seem to reflect the mood of the story.  “Chance of survival, 33%,”  is what we hear after the second song on the CD which would make one think they should get ready for a blast of badass, but instead one is faced with a set of emotions that don’t quite bring you to the brink of madness you had hoped for.  Although only slightly off, this album still keeps my attention all the way through and leaves me wanting so much more when it ends.

It’s an amazing thing when a band you love puts out a double album.  So many dreams and wonders for the coming tacks.  Will they be good?  Will they suck a huge one?  I’m proud to say that this double album is a great journey through several styles of music with great guitar work.  This is certainly not the upset we were handed with The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Stadium Arcadium.  Why not just pick the best songs and put them out rather than having half of each CD be good?  Whatever… fucking whatever.  This double album kicks ass.  Buy it. BUY IT!


3 Responses to “The Afterman: Descension – Coheed and Cambria”

  1. How very raaaather curious/interesting!

  2. Nicholas Says:

    More like progressive butt.

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