Michael’s Top Ten Minus One of 2012

Alright children, sit and gather ’round, ’cause the Man of Year is giving his personal faves for 2012. Of course, like Kristen, I hate the number ten, so what’ll my top nine be?  THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME.


‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!

Godspeed You! Black Emperor



Ryan, having once again interested me in a band, had me check these guys out. A heavy instrumental band, they kick some ass. Since this is the first album that I have listened to from them, I figure I should check out their other stuff. So far my favorite from this album has to be the second song, “Their Helicopters’ Sing.” It reminds me a lot of Wagner, the classical/opera composer, and the instrumentals in this song are quite impressive.

Best Tracks:”Their Helicopters’ Sing” and “We Drift Like Worried Fire


Some Nights



Fueled By Ramen

This album, when I first listened to it, was pretty amazing. And then the radio blared “We Are Young” every hour, every day. It made me not like the song anymore. I had thought it was over, until “Some Nights,” the first song on the album, took “We Are Young’s” throne for most-played song on the radio. Despite all of this, however, there were some gems in this album that I rather enjoy.

Best Track: “All Alright



The Faceless



Symphonic metal and lyrics you could spit at God to, this album was pretty metal for me. Nicholas introduced me to them, and I really liked what I heard here. I’m just going to go ahead and say that Nick introduced me to most of the music I listen to today.

Best Track: “Autotheist Movement III- Deconsecrate





Metric Music International

This band was introduced to me by Ryan, actually, and they’re indie rock and pretty awesome. First heard at one of our music nights, I was immediately impressed and it has become a new well-liked band by me. What I like most is the varied sounds throughout the album and the band’s courage to venture into the weird musical arrangements. Definitely a turn from the conventional, check this band out.

Best Track: “The Wanderlust



Royal Thunder


Relapse Records

Another band introduced to me by that dorkbag Nick, this band is pretty kickin’ with a female singer in a metal band. I fell in love from the first song, and they now have a new fan. The heavy sounds and almost Black Sabbath-ness of them leaves me eager to see what they will do next, especially when the singer rocks so hard that my manhood questions itself.

Best Track: “Whispering World



Devin Townsend


Hevy Devy

After Nicholas piqued my interest in Devin Townsend some time ago, I decided to start following him and picked up Epicloud during a record store trip with some of the other members of Stereo Control. I popped it in my CD player, and it was epic. And it was loud. And I was very satisfied. The end.

Best Track: “Where We Belong



Mumford & Sons



Following the release of Sigh No More and many listens of said album, I snatched up Babel through various means and gave a listen.  Honestly, despite its popularity and society’s general taste for all things that suck (“Call Me Maybe,” One Direction, etc.), I loved the musicianship and lyricism. Babel follows their first album stylistically, and while the songs on this album don’t vary all that much from the previous, it’s more of the same great music.

Best Track: “Lover’s Eyes


The Parallax II: Future Sequence

Between The Buried and Me


Lifeforce/Victory/Metal Blade

If you’d been following my recent posts, I have written a review on this album already.  This was a very well-done follow-up to the EP Parallax Part I: Hypersleep Dialogues; if you’re a fan of metal or metalcore, you should really check this band/this album out. Very technical, very awesome. I rank it a KickAss/5.

Best Track: “Bloom”


Battle Born

The Killers



When The Killers came out, I wasn’t too big of a fan, but I still enjoyed Hot Fuss and some of what I had heard from Day & Age, mostly because of the video game Rock Band, I’m ashamed to say. That is, up until recently.  And then this album came out. They have gained one more dedicated fan subsequently, because I think that the overall quality has culminated up to this point with a very refined sound.

Best Track: “Here With Me


So that’s it. Nine albums. I couldn’t name a tenth, and there’s probably one I’m forgetting and will hate myself for forgetting tomorrow.


5 Responses to “Michael’s Top Ten Minus One of 2012”

  1. You would have nothing to listen to without Ryan and me.

  2. And .fun is bullshit ass shit.

  3. […] (Michael, Ryan, and me anyway) are great, big Royal Thunder fans.  Their debut CVI ranked on a couple of our year end lists.  This time the group was rocking their somewhat new drummer and down their […]

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