In Honor of The Hobbit: Songs With “Wizard” in the Title.


Like any good metal fan, I love Lord of The Rings.  So in honor of the release of the prequel, (that is being split into three fucking films for some asinine reason (read: money)) let’s listen to some songs about wizards.  Well, songs with the word “wizard” in the title anyway; they might not actually be about wizards.


The Wizard” – Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath)

This one, we know, was indeed inspired by Gandalf.  It’s filled with tasty licks that one would expect from Sabbath, Ozzy’s old howling vocals, and some harmonica also provided by the now walking corpse.  Tight rhythm from Mr. Ward and Mr. Geezer all add up to a classic metal track.


The Wizard” – Uriah Heep (Demons and Wizards)

A whole different animal by the equally awesome Uriah Heep.  A soft, acoustic melody builds to a catchy rock ‘n’ roll sing-along about a man wandering into a forest who, you guessed, meets a wizard!


Crippled Wizard” – Cough (Ritual Abuse)

“Crippled Wizard” from modern doom outfit Cough’s 2010 release Ritual Abuse is a slice of slow, crawling metal.  Thick guitar lines and pounding drums back that howling vocal style that I love to talk about.  This is a song to do a nice, slow headbang to.


The Wizard’s Vengeance” – Legend (Fröm the Fjörds)

An awesome classic metal track about a wizard destroying a kingdom.  Later covered by the equally kick-ass Lord Weird Slough Feg.


Wizard’s Walk” – Devil In The Kitchen (Wizard’s Walk)

Zany little instrumental track combining heavy music and folk as well as some schizophrenic violin.


The Wizard” – Bat For Lashes (Fur and Gold)

Bat For Lashes are one of the few indie pop outfits I enjoy.  I think Natasha Khan has a great voice and writes some creative music.  For instance, this song creeps me the fuck out.


I Am The Black Wizards” – Emperor (In The Nightside Eclipse)

Furious tremolo picking, courtesy of the mighty Ihsahn, ignites this track with a bang.  From Emperor’s highly praised black metal classic In The Nightside Eclipse, “I Am the Black Wizards” is filled with that “cold wilderness” atmosphere and haunting symphonics.


The Crypt of The Wizard” – Mortiis (The Crypt of The Wizard)

Speaking of Emperor, their first bassist Mortiis went on to dress like a flying elf man at all times as well as release some ambient albums.  Most have that dark fantasy feel throughout with Crypt of The Wizard being perfect for our purposes.

come my fanatics

Wizard In Black” – Electric Wizard (Come My Fanatics…)

Classic track by the occult/horror-themed doom/stoner metal masters.  Opening with an audio sample from the classic horror film The Living Dead at The Manchester Morgue, the song quickly descends into tripped out riff madness, played nice and mid-paced as it should be.  You’ll find it impossible not to sing out loud with the catchy chorus “I am a god!  I am the one!”.  I constantly find myself yelling it at children, usually when the song isn’t playing.


Wizard’s Sleeve” – Dopethrone (Demonsmoke)

Psychedelic and groovy stoner metal song filled with kick-ass bass lines and vocals from Mortiis’ evil crypt.  This one is good for those that like a hard ’60s psych edge with their wizard-themed music.


Fucking Wizard” – Reverend Bizarre (II: Crush The Insects)

Reverend Bizarre just might have the most theatrical, over-the-top doom vocalist out there with Albert Witchfinder.  This is not a bad thing.  His approach to singing shines brightly over the slow (very slow) melodies being hammered out by the rest of the band.  Every song almost feels like a sermon being delivered by a preacher who had too much acid with his coffee.

There really are some fucking awesome album covers out there.  Nothing beats artwork to invoke the mood or atmosphere for an album.  Having listened to all these records, I can say these all do it quite well.  We only talked about the wizard songs but every one of these should be purchased and put in your collection.  Until next time, when someone writes something.


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