Tell All Your Friends – Taking Back Sunday

Tell All Your Friends

Taking Back Sunday


Victory Records

Cue the shit I’m going to get for this review (waiting on the bitch-nasty comments in 5…4…3..2..) — but hey, who cares? Back in 2002, I had a grand time making fun of my sister for the “emo” songs coming out of her stereo, but secretly I was enjoying what I was hearing from this disc (sorry, girl). Tell All Your Friends the debut album of Taking Back Sunday just celebrated its 10th birthday and I was able to catch them live to play the album recently — which, by the way, was beautifully executed. Maybe it’s a bit terrifying that albums I grew up with are aging like fine little wines and bands are touring to celebrate these milestones — the scary part being the scene children who were five when these albums were released moshing in the pit and flying high into the rafters like the lightweight little fuckers they are. But, I digress.

Back in 1999, Eddie Reyes formed the band Taking Back Sunday choosing energetic, chaotic free spirit Adam Lazzara to front the band. Might I add Lazzara is the kind of front man you need to see to believe — Bamboozle 2009 anyone? TBS’ line up has changed so much since then that it’s a little hard for me to keep up with it.

Here, this one is old and emo.

Tell All Your Friends opens with “You Know How I Do,” and although I wouldn’t call the instrumentals absolutely brilliant, the band still keeps a fast and exciting energy which (with a few exceptions — “Ghost Man On Third”) remains throughout the album. The song is a fitting opener for this album as it grabs your attention from the get-go. Who doesn’t like to get punched in the face as soon as they listen to an album, amiright?

Tell All Your Friends is full of singles (“Great Romances of the 20th Century,” “Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)”) which brought the band success upon its release. The first I ever heard was “You’re So Last Summer,” a salty emotional outpouring of bitter love and the like. Quite frankly, that’s the best way to describe most of this album — bitter, gritty, and maybe a little crazy. I’m a little sorry for the girl these songs were written about — ouch. “You’re So Last Summer” delivers Lazzara’s post-breakup desperation pretty well, and if that emo-stuff doesn’t do it for you, then at least watch the video, featuring a too-kewl-for-school cameo from Flavor Flav. And if you don’t like Flavor Flav you might as well go home.

Flavor Flav dressed as a picnic table cloth.

As for negatives, the lyrical content of “Timberwolves At New Jersey” seems to be missing mature substance for me: “Literate and stylish/Kissable and quiet/Well that’s what girls’ dreams are made of.” Additionally, I could also do without “There’s No I in Team” and the irritable bantering that seems to be going on throughout the song.

…That vest is fucking disgusting.

Overall, I dig this album. It’s ten now, an old lady, so we should respect it (AHEM) and all that. Plus, the cover art paid homage to exit 152 before acknowledging New Jersey in public was cool. Whatever, just go watch that video with Flavor Flav and sing and act like you’re in high school again. You know you want to.


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