A Triple Dose of ’70s Hard Rock


Night Sun



Hailing from Germany, Mournin’ is Night Sun’s one and only album.  It is a chaotic slice of schizophrenic Hard Rock from the tasty Nineteen-seventies.  Wasting no time to jump into the madness, the album kicks off with the appropriately titled “Plastic Shotgun“, plunging the listener with a bang right into the fast and furious style of the band.  Blending riff after riff with raw pounding drums, twin guitar leads, and some jamming organ, there is an extra dose of Prog added to the mix.  Songs like “Got A Bone of My Own” open with some psychedelic noodling before kicking you in the face with the fuzzy guitars and erotic riffage.  When you are craving that jam oriented sound of old-school Hard Rock, there is no better way to get that fix then by sucking the vein of the actual era.  It is an absolute shame this is Night Sun’s only release, at least they left us with an excellent album that truly rocks from start to finish.




Deram Records

Produced by Ian Gillan (of Deep Purple), Jerusalem’s self-titled debut can easily draw comparison’s to the big name Hard Rock acts of the time.  This is a more focused and less spastic album than Night Sun’s.  That isn’t a negative criticism of either album.  They are both just different branches of the same tree.  Jersalem still retains that “organized jam” feel of a lot of the music of the era.  Drawing from a Blues sound for much of the guitar work, Jerusalem mix the “feeling” one would hear in a Blues solo with the heavier riffs that were starting to emerge.  Stripped of any left over ’60s psychedelics, we don’t get lost in any acid induced haze and are left with solid Hard Rock and some “pimp ass” (Ryan) guitar playing.  Check out “When The Wolf Sits“.  The band would release a reunion album in 2009 with members of Yes and Spock’s Beard.




Dodo Records

Shaking things up a little bit now with Icecross.  These guys added a nice, haunting, occultish vibe to the mix, as well as some folkish melodies like in “A Sad Man’s Story“.  My personal favorite track, “Jesus Freaks“, rips open with a mean riff and heavy drums.  A constant bass pulse keeps the song moving as the guitars get high-pitched shred up the fret board.  The drummer is unable to keep still in this song, throwing in fill after fill that adds to the insane nature of the song, also complimenting its somewhat frightening lyrical content.  And after the storm that is “Jesus Freaks,” we’re thrown a curve ball with a straight up Blues rocker, “Wandering Around”.  Icecross blend a nice mix of style all while retaining a Hard Rock base.  This is easily my favorite out of three albums discussed and is highly recommended for fans of kick-ass rock music.

Not recommended for anyone else who writes for this site; they all suck.


One Response to “A Triple Dose of ’70s Hard Rock”

  1. 3 reviews, Nick? It’s almost as if you’re doing a good job, here.

    Too bad they’re three shitty reviews and that you suck.


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