Iron Maiden Discography

In 1980, Iron Maiden set a new precedent on the Hard Rock and Metal scene all over the world.  Since then, they have had tons of members and loads of great tunes creating one of the best collections of all time.  But recently, their art form as a band has changed sending them into a slow, downward spiral that will likely leave fans buying their new music simply out of habit.

Iron Maiden – 1980

Iron Maiden hits the metal scene in England hard and fast with their first album featuring singer Paul Di’Anno on vocals, Guitarist Dennis Straton, Guitarist Dave Murray, Bassist and lead songwriter Steve Harris, and Clive Burr on the drums.  This album not only defines the band’s sound but sends you on a jizz fest with the awesome riffs of songs like “Phantom of the Opera” and “Charlotte the Harlot.”  And who doesn’t love the song “Iron Maiden,”  by the band “Iron Maiden,”  off the album Iron Maiden?  No one, that’s who.

Killers – 1981

Guitarist Dennis Straton leaves the band and is replaced with one of my personal favorite guitarists, Adrian Smith. Too bad it’s the last album for Paul Di’Anno who was sacked after screwing up live performances based on his love of alcohol and cocaine.  Regardless, this album has classics like “Wrathchild” and “Killers” that are fun and inventive.

The Number of the Beast – 1982

With Paul Di’Anno gone, the lead singer spot needed filling.  There was no one better to fill his shoes than the one and only Bruce-fucking-Dickinson.  He’ll kick the shit out of your faces with his beautiful tones and crooked teeth.  Sadly, this would be drummer Clive Burr’s last album due to personal issues and scheduling.  The release of this album and songs like “Number of the Beast” and “Run to the Hills” gained Iron Maiden a huge global following that set them on the path of legends.  Nothing like badass songs about the devil and raping and pillaging.

Piece of Mind - 1983

Piece of Mind – 1983

Featuring new drummer Nicko McBrain and his blasting beats channeled through Hell itself, this album’s tribalish sound gives the band awesome songs like “The Trooper” and “Revelations” to add to their already flawless line up of songs.  This album could be considered the beginning of the Power Metal.  So in hindsight, the only truly bad thing about Iron Maiden is that we got Dragonforce.  Fuck Dragonforce.

Powerslave – 1984

BEST! FUCKING! MAIDEN! ALBUM! (in my opinion).  This album combines their ever-so-metal guitars with an artistic Egyptian tone setting the stage for yet another masterpiece.  “Aces High” melts your face off from the start, followed by the amazing radio hit “Two Minutes to Midnight” to get you pumped right off the bat.  The coup de grâs of the album, “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is an epic thirteen minute re-telling of the poem with the same name by Samuel Taylor Coleridge that sends the listener on a kick-ass journey through death and despair at the hands of the sea.  If metal could be a mistress, this album would be mine.

Somewhere in Time – 1986

Get ready to blast your load ten times over with this synthesized metal masterpiece.  The new sound of this album gives songs like “Wasted Years” and “Heaven Can Wait” a space-like feel that’ll fill your ear pussies ’til you emanate your lust for the next riff.  I had a T-shirt of the Eddie on this album cover that had more people devil horning me from afar and screaming “Maiden” at the top of their lungs than Justin Bieber has little girls trying to grab his crotch on stage.  One thing about this album that set Maiden back a bit in my book would be their new lyrical motif.  Most of the choruses in this album and the preceding tend to just have the name of the song repeated in succession four to six times with a possible one line difference the second time they sing it.  Not saying metal lyrics have to be awesome, but come on, a little lazy… isn’t it?

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son – 1988

In this conceptual piece of work, Maiden sets out to tell the mythical story (through a few songs) of some seventh son of some other seventh son who may in fact be the son of a seventh son.  The amount of times he says it in the song there’s no telling how far back the family lineage may go.  But whatever, story doesn’t matter here ’cause the songs kick the shit out of most anything to come in the future.  “Can I Play with Madness”  is a less typical Maiden song without long solos and a few more harmonies than usual.  The next ten years are not the band’s most shining moments, so for now, bask in this glory.

No Prayer for the Dying – 1990

Adrian Smith departed from Iron Maiden during the pre-production phase of this album, filling listener’s hearts with sorrow and their ears with the sloppy solos and mediocre riffs of guitarist Janick Gers.  Steve Harris decided he wanted to go backwards with the band and try the older, straight-forward style the band began with.  Although Maiden seemed to have a lot of fun with this album — making great songs like “Holy Smoke” and “Bring Your Daughter… to the Slaughter ” — they fall short on many other songs that seem slightly empty.

Fear of the Dark – 1992

Now I’m not a huge fan of them going back to their older sound, as mostly I just miss Adrian beating his meat against the strings, but I can’t be totally hating on Maiden just yet.  There was a big improvement with this album giving us a slower song or two and the ever popular “Fear of the Dark,” which I suggest just listening to on the Rock In Rio live album ’cause it kicks the tits out of the recorded version.

The X Factor – 1995

Bruce Dickinson quits the band!  Time to start hating.  They bring on lead singer of Wolfsbane, Blaze Bayley.  Fuck this album.

Virtual XI – 1998

Another Blaze album.  Fuck it.

Brave New World – 2000

The triumphant return of Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith!  The fans take a huge sigh of relief knowing the band’s two best song writers alongside Steve Harris are back.  They pull no punches with this album busting out with “The Wicker Man” and its chanting chorus that gets you totally fucking pumped for what’s to come.  Just imagine awesome sauce dripped on the meatiest hamburger you’ve ever had, no veggies allowed.  That is this album.

Dance of Death – 2003

Similar in sound and style to the previous album, this one seems to be trend-setting a new format for Maiden: starting the CD with a shorter song more in tune with their older music, then going all out and making six to nine minute songs for the rest.  “Paschendale” is a nine minute epic, full of open string tapping and hard-hitting lyrics, where “Rainmaker” is a four-minute badass song about making rain that would leave anyone with a little wet spot between their legs.

A Matter of Life and Death – 2006

A Matter of Life and Death is interesting to say the least.  Nothing really good or really bad about this album. Just eh.   After the release of this album, I went to see Maiden play a show.  Since this album was their first to ever reach the top ten list in the US, they decided to play the entire thing all the way through for everyone’s enjoyment.  Little did they know, no one really enjoyed it.  You fucked up with that one, Maiden.

The Final Frontier – 2010

Let’s just hope, with this album, the title gives the band a little insight into the fact that they should stop writing music… like now.
Listening to this discography could in fact be the best decision you’ll ever make in your life — even better than the first time you decided to look up porn.  Their catalog has more than enough amazing music to keep you satisfied for eternity.  But if Iron Maiden announced they were never going to come out with a new album, I wouldn’t only be ecstatic for the improvement of my well-being, but for the entire human race. I love you Iron Maiden, but please, give it a rest, like now… really… right now.


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