The Parallax II: Future Sequence – Between The Buried and Me

The Parallax II: Future Sequence

Between The Buried and Me


Lifeforce/Victory/Metal Blade

Following their 2011 EP, The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues, Between the Buried and Me delivers yet another mind-blowing album as a sequel. This band had me hooked ever since their album Colors came out, and I have not only followed them and listened to much of their music, but I respect them as the genius artists they are. With every new album, they seem to top the previous one. If you’ve listened to their previous work, you know about the closing to Colors with the epic (yes, epic) song “White Walls,” with the lead-in from “Viridian.” The first time I heard that I thought someone took my brain and frolicked through a meadow of Metal amazingness. But this is all my own opinion, this review will be totally un-biased and completely neutral! (/sarcasm). Like the first Parallax and Colors, Parallax 2 features the disc-at-once playstyle, which means the transitions between the songs are seamless and hardly noticeable. Which is going to make reviewing this album very easy.

The album opens up with the song “Goodbye to Everything,” which is a nice acoustic opening until the album barrels into the next song with their usual flawless transitions into the more familiar heavy music. The song continues into “Astral Body,” and after a thirty-second or so buildup, the song proceeds into a pretty triumphant tone. The album itself continues sounding victorious, with the signature voice of Tommy Giles Rogers shifting perfectly from growls and screams to clean vocals. These fluid changes transform the songs from in-your-face rundowns to calmer Heavy Metal qualities. It’s these moments where this band truly shines, because the transitions, I feel, are done perfectly. At one point the drums could be blasting and going at breakneck speeds, and the next the song could change tone and timing.  This quality is one of the main reasons that this band stands out among the other Metal-core bands. A good transition is key to keeping your fans listening. If the music happens haphazardly and without cause, then you could lose listeners due to obnoxious sounds and uncalled-for tones.

What’s more Prog-metal than lens flare?

The album continues and gets to my personal favorite song, “Bloom.” The piano chimes in to start the song off, and after a few seconds, the rest of the instruments start up in a very funky tone. The bass and guitar combine for a quirky sound, making this one of the more interesting songs of the album. Between loves the Progressive trick of genre-hopping (for example, the Colors’ song “Ants in the Sky” with its country-sounding last part); it’s the  moments like this, the ones that feel detached from the overall style and break down into something funky yet awesome,  that really make this band what they are.  Not only are they very well done and transitioned into, but the mastery of their respective instruments allows for them to incorporate it and transition out into something even more amazing. This album closes with a reprise of the first song on the album, and at once the old-sounding solo sucks you in. Almost as soon as it does, however, it dissolves into a slow, calm tone to end the album.

Overall this album was astonishingly well-done. It was a bit more Prog-rock than they’ve previously done, but they managed to make it as heavy as we’ve heard in the past. A very solid album from Between the Buried and Me, The Parallax II makes me want more, so I will continue to await their coming works, as I’m sure they’ll be as good as we’ve seen before.


5 Responses to “The Parallax II: Future Sequence – Between The Buried and Me”

  1. Mike, this is like a girl who’s really into giving handies — it’s cute for a while, but in the end, no one really wants one. Sure, the album may have given you a gasm, but it’s still dry knuckle-riding, why would you settle for it?

  2. Why such a negative review?

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