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Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat



I know what it is your craving: some thick, heavy, smokey Doom Metal.  Well here it is.  Michigan natives, Mountain Goat, bring it thicker than your prom date.  This self-titled slab of sex was released digitally this month.  The link to this bad boy was provided to me by Guitarist/Vocalist Monte Davis, a fine young chap who I met at a horror con (Cinema Wasteland to be exact, the best one out there).  Upon our meeting, he ate my waffles, and we discussed music.  After spending some time creaming over Opeth and Sunn O))), he eventually told me of his band.  Cut to a few days ago, and he sent me a link to stream the album and give it a listen.  The opening fuzz sucks the listener right into the album’s heavy atmosphere of sludge and riffs.

Est. 1847

“Sunnriders” kicks us off with a long deep note and some crunchy feedback for a solid twenty-five seconds until the beat and rhythm bust a nut into your ear.  The album takes no time in showing how hard it’s going to stomp.  Within a minute, you will know if Mountain Goat’s blend of dirty, traditional Doom is right for you.  Taking a more Stoner Rock approach to the songs as opposed to an Epic or Funeral-doom sound allows the music to straight-up rock.  Most of the songs clock in around four minutes (except the finale, which I’ll get to), never overstaying their welcome, swelling up with distorted riffs to end with a dirty climaxes.  The album then closes out with the fifteen minute “Space.”  Taking a cue from bands like Sleep, the song has faster and slower passages as well as all the fuzzy guitar noodling you would expect.  It is a perfect closer to a short but sweet record.

Right before they all kissed.

Keith Ortiz’s simple but pounding drum beats keep a solid, steady, and hard rhythm behind the madness.  He pounds the kit harder than the marijuana-soaked sound would lead you to believe one is able to.  Without his ferocity behind the kit, the music would be missing a certain kick.  I would bet if you put someone else back there, they could duplicate his beats, but not the feeling he is putting behind it.  Derek Kasperlik’s bass follows suit with a mighty, deep sound.  The thickness of his instrument adds to the wall of fuzz that attacks inner ear canals like a hipster at a thrift shop sale.  Leading the massive distortion is Monte’s guitar and vocals.  The super fuzz is exactly what the band’s genre calls for.  His vocals sound like he believes in whatever he is singing about.  That is actually the best compliment I can give this recording.  All three members sound like they are truly into, and enjoying what they are playing.  The only negative I can give this is the production.  It’s people like me, who already listen to this style of music, that would be fine with the not-so-clean sound — in fact, we will enjoy because it adds to the hazy atmosphere.  However, the causal listener may be turned off.  Though, I don’t believe this was made for the casual listener.

So show these guys some support, download the album here at their Bandcamp, and throw them a few bucks so they can press the vinyl!

Also support them with their Facebook link.

Don’t be lame like Michael and miss out on an album that will make girls like you more.


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