Avalon – Roxy Music


Roxy Music


Warner Bros. Records

Roxy Music released this album in 1982, their last recorded studio album. Among much of the ’80s-type Synth-pop music, Roxy Music used the genre’s sounds and instruments to deliver a richly bursting album that some consider to be the culmination of what they’d been attempting to accomplish throughout their years. Although it wasn’t as popular in the States, it topped the charts for three weeks in the U.K.  This seven-man band, fronted by Bryan Ferry, delivered an album that’s not only easy to listen to, but is enjoyable as well. The plethora of noises is brought together throughout the album to give the listener a very worthwhile album from not only Roxy Music, but from the ’80s in general. You know — if you’re into that whole Synth-pop stuff.

The album leads off with my personal favorite, “More Than This“. This song was featured in the movie Lost in Translation as  a karaoke song, which is honestly what rekindled my love for this song. After picking up the album at a local record shop, I gave the album a listen and loved what they did. The music from the synthesizers, guitars, and drums intermix very well and work to deliver a sound that most ’80s bands, I believe, strived to make.  Among the many outstanding songs on this album, sits “India,” an instrumental song used as beautiful segue into the next song, “While My Heart is Still Beating.”

Based off of the styles, I’d say only one member actually knows he’s in Roxy Music.

The first part of the album has a generally relaxed, almost happy tone. When “Take a Chance with Me” comes on, the mood is almost set for somber, but jumps right into the general feel of the album. After a lengthy introduction, the jangly guitars produce a groovetastic track.  The music contrasts perfectly with the vocals of Brian Ferry, who wrote most of the music on the album.  His distant-sounding, yet undaunting voice completes the album’s personae, a cool, ethereal impression.

This album, although released early in the ’80s, represents what many Synth-pop bands attempted to accomplish. Roxy Music brings together many of common instruments, along with the contemporary (for the time) sounds for what ultimately became a very surprising album in general.


One Response to “Avalon – Roxy Music”

  1. The cover is deceiving, I though this was Black Metal.

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