Kristen’s Ten Song Shuffle

I whipped out my iPod and threw that bitch on shuffle — bitches love shuffle. Turns out I’m not a Metal snob like Nick, or an Indie queen like Ryan, or…whatever Mike’s picks were. But, hey, this was fun and cringe-worthy, both at the same time. Music isn’t really embarrassing, but do you guys know the shit storm I’d get for having Miley Cyrus pop up on here?

1.  “Dumb” – Nirvana

In Utero has to be one of my favorite albums Nirvana put out. With the perfect amount of distortion, “Dumb” is a winner. There are a lot of feelings under the surface of this song. “Dumb” is catchy and poetic in a way that Kurt Cobain can only put off. How can you not sing along?

2. “Blood, Sex And Booze” – Green Day

Yes, iTunes, roll on with the ’90s bands. This track is off of Green Day’s first acoustic, and probably the last album I really enjoyed, Warning. Lots of good minimally distorted tunes on this one, and “Blood, Sex and Booze” is one of them. It’s sassy. It’s punchy. It’s fun. You know, when Green Day was still kind of fun and original.

3. “I’m A Loner Dottie, A Rebel” – The Get Up Kids

I often forget how much I loved this band growing up. I know I’m going to catch a lot of shit for the emo-ness of the Get Up Kids, but I’m glad iTunes chose this song. Yes, it does evoke some “feelings” when you listen, but that’s the point. I never got too much more into this band, however, this album is one of those hidden treasures in my collection that I like to rediscover from time to time.

4. “Laredo” – Band Of Horses

Band Of Horses’ album Infinite Arms spun a number of really decent tracks to mellow out to. Ebbing on the side of indie, this song moves with a bit of distortion but a hell of a lot of feeling. The lyrics dive right past the bullshit and get to the personal and vulnerable feelings. Definitely a good choice.

5. “Elenore” – The Turtles

Hell yes. This song is so fun. So ’60s. I need say nothing more.

6. “Oxford Comma” – Vampire Weekend

Meh. I enjoy the sunny, shiny happy beats of Vampire Weekend, but not so much this track. “Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?”  Who gives a fuck about this song? Next.

7. “M + Ms” – Blink 182

Long-time fan of Blink 182, and there are more songs of theirs on my iPod than I’d like to admit. But this, the tender beginnings of a band that blew the fuck up on MTV over a song where they ran naked — no, this was my favorite stage of the band. From album Cheshire Cat, which to me has so many gems, the song is fast-paced, love-struck Pop-punk at its best.

8. “Lift Your Head Up High (And Blow Your Brains Out)” – The Bloodhound Gang

I honestly didn’t start listening to this band until about a year ago, and now I want all of the years of my life back where they weren’t in it. The lyrics are funny, clever, and offensive. Everything I love in a song.

9. “Sleepyhead” – Gob

I’m not ashamed to admit that upon seeing this band open for Sum 41 in 2001, I asked my aunt (who lives in Canada) to mail me The World According To Gob because the band was Canadian, and they weren’t selling the album by me that I could find at that point. Thus began my year-long obsession with Canadian bands. Nickleback wasn’t one, because Nickleback isn’t a band — they’re an unholy formation pretending to make music. Anyway, nothing too special about Gob, but I always dug them for whatever reason. This track is mellow — hence the name? But I enjoy it.

10. “Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground” – The White Stripes

Everything about this song is perfect. Perfect amount of wailing, just wicked distortion married with Jack White’s vocals crooning through fluid lyrics. This song does so much with so little — it makes you feel without getting too crazy. It’s perfection.


4 Responses to “Kristen’s Ten Song Shuffle”

  1. You just ranted about Nickelback in a post randomly. I hope you understand that means you’re turning into Steve.

  2. I’ve been trying to get our lovely editor to listen to Bloodhound Gang for months now.

    • That’s not that true. Unless you by “trying to get” you mean “have talked about with Kristen in front of,” in which case, yes, I agree with you, you have been “trying.”

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