Michael’s Ten Song Shuffle

Hey all, Nicholas introduced this little game. What I’m going to do, if you haven’t already read his review, is put my music library on shuffle and review the first ten songs that come up. It’s going to be varied, and probably kind of embarrassing. Well that’s just tough cookies for you, ’cause y’all gonna read every damn word.  ;)

1. “Spiderwebs“- No Doubt

Not my favorite by this band (my favorite being “Underneath it All”), but still a solid song from early-era No Doubt. With a drumbeat that keeps saying “Hey here’s the drums, whoo!” the song has its intense moments which generally dominate the song, but the chorus slows down to an almost Reggae-like beat until it finally fades out in the end. Stefani has an incredibly distinct voice, and that’s what has made No Doubt really succeed, along with their mix among Ska, Punk, and Reggae.

2. “Small Fish“- Porcupine Tree

One of the best modern Prog-rock bands to generate music in the last twenty years, Porcupine Tree gives us this song from their second album,  released in 1993, Up the Downstair. A generally calm and melancholic song, it lasts about two minutes and forty-three seconds, which, compared to the rest of their library, is rather short. Coming from only their second album, it is easy to see that Porcupine Tree has a lot of talent, and you should listen to them.

3. “Windmills“- Toad and Wet Sprocket

This song took me by surprise, actually, as it is from the Scrubs soundtrack, and I’ve never really given it a complete listen through. This song starts off rather calm, then slowly builds up to deliver a very rich sound. It is very reminiscent of the band Explosions in the Sky, if Explosions had lyrics. A generally surprising song, it is very enjoyable. The band was formed in 1986 as an American Alternative Rock band. Oh, look at that, white people can make good music!

4. “Take Your Time (Coming Home)“- Fun

This song is featured on Fun’s first album, Aim and Ignite. The frontman is Nate Reuss of The Format. His tone and sound carries over from that band to deliver a very upbeat-sounding album. Personally not my favorite from the album, but still a very solid song with a good background throughout. About midway through the song an almost tribal-beat starts up, and I kind of did a little dance in my seat. That happens during this album a lot for me. If you gave it a listen, it might happen to you, too. You just gotta belieeeevvvve. Oh da-na-na….

5. “Sequenza-Recordare, Jesu Pie”- Ameling/Horne/Benelli/Franc with Kertesz and the Vienna Philharmonic

This is a bit of Classical, if that wasn’t obvious from the title. It is a very ominous-sounding song, and seems to be a part of an Opera, as much of the piece features some very good voices and harmonies throughout.

6. “Johnny Kick a Hole in the Sky“- Red Hot Chili Peppers

I’m going to be honest, I kind of grew out of the RHCP. It must have been when I realized that I could not skate.  But seriously, this song has one of the most annoying intros, for me, out of any of the RHCP songs. After the a capella intro, the track goes right into the old-style RHCP music with intense bass and funky beats, along with Anthony Kiedis’ vocals leading the way, as they usually do with their very distinct sound.

7. “Luck Be a Lady“- Frank Sinatra

Ol’ Blue Eyes smacks a big ol’ fat one home here with one of his classics, “Luck be a Lady.”  It starts kind of slow in the beginning, with very minor musical accompaniment.  That is until the horns kick in and his usual style soars and delivers a very familiar song with the usual attitude found with Frankie. He mentions at some point that a lady doesn’t leave her escort and mentions that it isn’t fair, or nice. He also says that a lady doesn’t blow on some other guy’s dice. You tell ’em, Ol’ Blue Eyes.

8. “My Horse Must Lose“- The Sounds of Animals Fighting

This song is honestly one of my favorite songs. It starts off with some girl speaking in Persian, saying “Look! Look! Look up in the sky! I’ve seen my destiny! My horse must lose, hahaha!” then at the end she is saying, “”I will answer your voice, directly. It’s the sound of my breath.”  A very strange beat accompanies the Persian girl with varied instrumental sounds. After this strange intro, though, it breaks down into a lone drumbeat that sets off the beat for the rest of the song.  From there, the solid love-makin’ beat accompanies the well-done vocals.  The lyrics, although questionable, at least sound good. Among many other very…varied songs from this album, this song shines musically in its arrangement.

9. “You’re the First, My Last, My Everything“- Barry White

One of about five songs in my library from the master of baby-makin, this song starts off with his signature deep voice. This song, along with almost all of his other ones, just reek of sexin’ that young fella or woman up in the most romantic way possible. Past the intro, his voice comes up to speed, and he starts delivering his usual serenade style. It’s a very sweet song, actually. Telling a woman that she’s the first and last person that they’ve made love to is a very sweet thing to say. I should know, because I’m obviously a woman.

10. “Gollum’s Song“- Emiliana Torrini

This song comes from the Two Towers soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings. This song is incredibly sad, and details the emotions of the creature Gollum and his descent into isolation. My suggestion is that you shouldn’t be sad or happy when you listen to this song, because it’ll just ruin your mood. Or ruin it more.  And that’s the point here — listen to the lyrics, and enjoy the tragic story of some guy that killed his best friend for a gold ring.



4 Responses to “Michael’s Ten Song Shuffle”

  1. Fun. dude? Really? They are complete shit.

  2. Are we doing emoticons in our reviews now? (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻

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