Nicholas’ Ten Song Shuffle

So, here is a new, little game we are trying here at Stereo Control Headquarters Worldwide.  Simple really, and I’m sure plenty of other music sites of done similar things.  Put iTunes or iPod, or whatever your MP3 device may be, on shuffle, and review the first ten songs that pop up.  This should be fun, as we all have stuff in our library’s that we’ve listened to 1000 times and stuff we haven’t listened to yet.

1.  “Subtle Hustle” – Clutch (Blast Tyrant)

You can’t go wrong with Clutch.  If you dig on Clutch, you will dig on this song.  It is  catchy, good old-fashioned Hard Rock with solid drum beats, slick guitar lines, and front man Neil Fallon’s gruff vocals.  At less than three minutes long, the song is a short and to the point no bullshit Rock track, off of a solid album.  And it’s catchy as fuck.

2.  “High Tide” – The Apples In Stereo (Fun Trick Noise Maker)

This is off of an album that was given to me by fellow writer Ryan.  I have not listened yet, so this is my first time with the song.  It has a nice melody.  Very soft.  It has a ’60s pop sounding quality to it with some folky acoustics thrown into the background for good measure.  Another less than three-minute, sweet song.  But more gay than the last one.

3.  “Black Napkins” – Frank Zappa (Zoot Allures)

This is a harder one to say much about because it acts as an instrumental jam that bridges the song before and after it.  That being said, it is a pretty sweet-ass jam as to expected by Mr. Zappa.  So yeah, I don’t really have anything here, except that it’s good intercourse music.

4.  “It’s All In The Picture” – The Deviants (On Your Knees Earthling)

Fun, fuzzy Psychedelic/Surf Rock track.  Another one that’s only two minutes long.  I guess that’s good — no Prog Rock is popping up in this shuffle.  The song is pretty much over right when it starts.  A good, old rock song.

5.  “The Night” – Mercyful Fate (Dead Again)

From Mercyful Fate’s 6th album, the first without Michael Denner.  It is not a bad album at all, because Mercyful Fate is unable to produce anything less than great.  But overall, the album isn’t as strong as what came before it.  “The Night” is a bad-ass song, none the less.  Kick-ass guitars by Hank Shermann, and King Diamond’s excellent vocals make this a Mercyful Fate track that you should dig.  I particularly like the opening guitar lick.

6.  “Turn of The Century” – Bee Gess (Bee Gees’ 1st)

I love Bee Gees’ disco era — it’s fun and cheesy.  But their early psychedelic ’60s Rock is just awesome stuff.  This song is no exception.  The first track off of  Bee Gees’ 1st, we get a catchy melody, some horns, some vocal ahhs in the background, and some hand action in the back seat.

7.  “Blunted At Birth” – Cannabis Corpse (Blunted At Birth)

For a band whose name is a parody of another band (Cannibal Corpse if you are too lame to figure that out), and whose song titles are parodies of said band, Cannabis Corpse is a pretty tight Death Metal act.  This song has some awesome riffs, and sweet-ass drumming.  They’re a band I have heard people regret dismissing numerous times based on their spoofy titles.  A kick-ass song by a kick-ass band.

8.  “Childhood Dream” – Anathema (A Natural Disaster)

Not even talking about this one because I got fucked on shuffle again, and it’s another transition track.

9.  “In Between Days” – Ben Folds (Supersunnyspeedgraphic, the LP)

A fun Ben Folds piano Rock track.  I’ve enjoyed his output ever since I was turned onto his stuff years ago.  I always preferred his Ben Folds Five material to the solo stuff but it’s all good.  Easy listening Pop rock.

10.  “Last of The V8 Intercepters” – The Atomic Bitchwax (The Atomic Bitchwax)

Stoner Rock.  Hell to the fuck yea.  I love me some tasty, fuzzy riffs and the bassy mellow jams that come with the territory.  An ass-kicking song that jumps from heavy fuzz to wobbly bass grooves.  The song picks up with some sweet guitar solos towards the end.  If you like you rock hazy, The Atomic Bitchwax are a band to check out.


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  1. Every band here licks man butt.

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