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Green Day



Confession: I’ve been a Green Day fan since before kindergarten back when Dookie made its way onto the scene and into my parents’ stereo. Sure, I can admit I winced when American Idiot happened — the album, the shudder came with the musical. I barely made it through 21st Century Breakdown when I realized I was growing, but Green Day wasn’t going with me. So, when the band announced their ninth studio album was going to be a three-part series my mind was buzzing. I went into the first of the series,  ¡Uno! — set to release on September 25th — with an open-mind, and left feeling a bit brokenhearted.

In what has become Green Day’s signature style, the album kicks off with “Nuclear Family” in this highly-caffeinated, ready to party (but not too hardy, tweens), let’s kinda sorta fuck shit up in the Hot Topic outfits our parents bought us and stay out until 10:30 tonight because fuck the government and homework and shit kind of attitude. This sugar-high lasts the length of the album, for the most part. Maybe I’m a little old now, but it was exhausting.

The chord progressions throughout the album is definitely a simplistic style Green Day has adopted. The rhythmic progression (of what sounds like a repetition of the same few chords) is distinct, but tiresome. Haven’t we been down this road eight albums already, Billie Joe, Tre and Mike? Give us something new. And the weird echo on the vocals won’t cut it for me.


What’s lacking on this album is originality. For instance, “Let Yourself Go” sounds eerily reminiscent of “Maria” from International Superhits! It seems throughout the album, Green Day almost rips off, well, themselves. Hand-in-hand with lacking a unique vibe is the lyrical content. Here’s a tidbit from “Loss Of Control”: “We’re all crazy, you’re all crazy now / we’re so crazy, you’ve all gone insane / Loss of control” …Excuse me, what? Sure, Green Day hasn’t been known for their poetic lyrics in the past, but since when has the band really dumbed it down like this?

However, the entire album wasn’t a bust. I was into the slowed-down (similar to the slower tunes on American Idiot) “Rusty James” until I realized the song was dragging on. Following it was the radio single “Oh Love.” I’m not IN LOVE with it, but it was more tolerable than its predecessors on this album.

Remember the “cool” hair accessories?

If Green Day ever caught any flack for “selling out” with their release of Dookie, I’d love to tell those little Burbank punks from the early days that they haven’t seen nothing yet. The issues I have with this album could run a mile long, which is sad in itself. Yet, the biggest hole Green Day has left in my heart was that they’ve seemed to move on to a different audience. For a band that has been around as long and has dominated music the way Green Day has for the length of their career, I would have thought their artistic growth would have been a bit different than catering to tweens with rock operas and dumbed-down lyrics.


4 Responses to “¡Uno! – Green Day”

  1. Kristen, who are you even kidding? We all know you’re still a twelve-year-old girl at heart, thinking Billie Joe is gonna show up at your house with a motorcycle, make you climb out of your window, and drive you somewhere for some light petting.

    We can read between the lines: you loved this album.

  2. Remember when Green Day put out good albums? Me neither.

  3. […] when Green Day was good?  I don’t think they’ve ever really been straight-up Punk, but “Basket […]

  4. […] Yes, iTunes, roll on with the ’90s bands. This track is off of Green Day’s first acoustic, and probably the last album I really enjoyed, Warning. Lots of good minimally distorted tunes on this one, and “Blood, Sex and Booze” is one of them. It’s sassy. It’s punchy. It’s fun. You know, when Green Day was still kind of fun and original. […]

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