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The Faceless



The Faceless are a Technical/Progressive Death Metal band that a buddy of mine turned me onto a couple of years ago.  Their first album Akeldama was a good show of Tech Death.  Lead guitarist Michael Keene displayed some nice chops with his playing.  I only mention him because he is the only remaining member on the newest album.  The second release Planetary Duality amped up the Prog aspects, much to my delight.  At the Summer Slaughter Tour, I just got to see these guys, and they were fucking awesome live.  Easily one of the highlights of the show.   Really tight (hot) with each other while playing some of their more technical songs.  So with the new album, Autotheism, I was looking forward to see if they would continue down the progressive metal root.  Guess what shit fuck, they did.

I think the dude on the middle right is twelve.

The album kicks off with the three-part song “Authotheist Movement (Create, Emancipate, Deconsecrate).”  Starting with some piano and orchestration the song kicks into gear about a minute in.  Immediately when the vocals start, the Devin Townsend influence on this album is heard (there is even a song named “Accelerated Evolution,” coincidence????).  The slow beat grooves along to some nice riffing.  They hold off on the Death growls until the last-minute of the song, going right into the fast double bass and technical guitar playing one would expect on a such an album in part two of “Autotheist Movement.”  Getting heavy doesn’t stop the band from jumping to really creepy children’s sounding music in part three, with the haunting spoken chorus of “God Is Dead”.

Which brings me to the lyrical content, where The Faceless are very science-based.  It is a cool change.  One of my favorite lines being “In a godless universe with logic as the reigning scepter of power” from the same three-part opener.  There is a short interlude titled “Hail Science” (a play on our favorite metal saying if you didn’t realize) which contains an epic sounding backing track with spoken vocoder vocals about an age of advanced society.  So now that The Faceless went all out Progressive Metal for this record, I hope they continue with this path.  Overall, I think they succeed with their new sound and new structure.  It is a little rough around the edges, but for the most part, the shifting of styles in the songs works.  Give them one more album to refine their Progressive ideas, and they can be at the top of the game along some of the best.  If you are a fan of Death Metal or Progressive Metal, give this album your attention.  If not, go read one of Ryan’s gay 80’s reviews.

Michael Keene, keeping sexy sexy.


2 Responses to “Autotheism – The Faceless”

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  2. […] metal and lyrics you could spit at God to, this album was pretty metal for me. Nicholas introduced me to them, and I really liked what I heard here. I’m just going to go ahead and say that Nick […]

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