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Passion Pit



Call me a square, but I don’t really get Passion Pit. Lead by Michael Angelakos on vocals/keyboards, the band from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Passion Pit has made their way onto the Electronic Pop music scene — maybe winning a few synth-hearts along the way. I’ll admit, I also don’t really get the concept of their second studio album Gossamer. This 12-track disc feels like the soundtrack to the ultimate hipster summer, full of synthesized noises and simplified drum beats so you can be…hip.

Song after song I feel like I’m shopping in a Forever 21, drinking organic coffee, and wearing over-sized glasses with no lenses. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the first track “Take A Walk” in a Forever 21. The song is simple, maybe even a little fun. The beat remains at a constant without unexpected surprises in the song. You would think the march-like beats on “Take A Walk” would set the pace of the album. They don’t.  The tempo of “I’ll Be Alright,”  the second track,  throws this album into high-gear and takes us into a sort of frenzied cacophony of techno.

Songs like “On My Way” try to slow the mood down, but come out too theatrical. Not to mention that I’m far too distracted by the beats and synthesizers for the lyrical content to evoke any sort of real feelings from me. The underlying concepts of life and struggle in this album feel buried under the chaotic noise blaring over it.  Not being able to focus long enough to relate with Angelakos is perhaps the most disappointing part of this album.

A hipster’s dream.

It wasn’t until the final song “Where We Belong” that I started to get the gist of what Passion Pit wanted me to feel on this album — and I’m still a little shaky on that. Although, at least the vocal range on “Where We Belong” is commendable, reaching highs and sinking down careening along with the music backing it, I didn’t feel there was enough of this throughout the twelve tracks.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say this album is the worst my ears have ever heard, because that wouldn’t be true. With a lot of albums, there are highs and lows; for this one, the lows stuck out sorely for me. I wanted more lyrically and emotionally from this album, and it just didn’t deliver.


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  1. Review something not ass.

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