Live Reviews – Summer Slaughter, The Trocadero, Philadelphia, 8/12/12

The most brootalest tour of xtrme brootal.

How about a live review to change things up a bit?  This year’s Summer Slaughter Tour had a pretty kick-ass line up, which consisted of (awesome) death metal to (shitty) deathcore.  For the most part though, every band kicked ass at the show I had the pleasure of attending.  I arrived in Philly thirty minutes before the doors, got in, planted myself in a comfy spot on the balcony around some cool friendly people and watched metal for the next nine hours.  So let’s go from band to band, shall we?

Cerebral Bore – Death Metal a la lady singer.

Opening the show was Cerebral Bore.  Super fucking heavy death metal.  I know of the band — heard a song here and there — but never gave them a solid listen.  They were a hell of an opener for the show.  The bass, guitar, and drums were locked into each other so tight.  Fast heavy riffs that changed every five seconds sent an assault on your butthole, leaving it dripping with whatever feces you were trying to hold in until you got home.  Vocalist Som Plijimers makes no attempt at letting you know she is a she.  Banging her head and gyrating her hair, her insanely deep guttural vocals will combust your ear drums.

The Contortionist – Handsome prog.

Next up was The Contortionist.  These guys were a delightful little dose of prog metal.  I have been wanting to check them out after reading about them in Decibel magazine, and there was no better way to have a first listen than live.  Mixing heavy metal, harsh vocals, distorted riffs, and melodic keyboards, these gents were all over the place, and I mean that in a good way.  Smooth transitions from the heavy parts to the mellow parts allowed the band to stand out.  The bad thing though: the lead singer was too thin.  Weird.

Exhumed – Death Grind with plenty of gore.

Exhumed is a band I enjoy but don’t listen to regularly.  That being said, they put on a killer show complete with awesome energy, tight playing, and fun showmanship.  Being that their albums and lyrics are gore themed (in death metal?  Who would have thought?) they had maniac run around stage with a chainsaw and severed head.   Inside the severed head was lots of fake blood splashing onto the audience.

Goatwhore – Sexy blackened death metal.

Goatwhore was one of the bands I came to see, and they didn’t disappoint.  Powered by the dark lord, Goatwhore’s brand of death metal was fit for the stage.  Fast instrumental attacks, aggressive but distinguishable vocals, and hairy dudes with no shirts were staples of their all too short set.

Job For A Cowboy – Deathcore or whatever.

Not a fan of deathcore.  Not a fan of breakdowns.  I hate when a crowd goes nuts and decides to mosh when the band is doing their breakdown.  Job For A Cowboy wasn’t really bad or anything, they just weren’t my cup of soda.  Even with a short, entertaining set (the same as most bands), I  don’t know, it just didn’t get me hard after all the awesome I witnessed before.

Veil of Maya – More core.

Same thing as the previous band.  More deathcore.  More breakdowns.  A lot of breakdowns.  Lots of palm muted open-E  “dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun, dun”.  DO NOT WANT.  The worst part is, I can see some serious skill in these guys.  The half of the time they weren’t chugging, the guitar player had some good riffs and was playing some technical stuff.  Same for the bass player, who even threw some cool tapping in.  The drummer kept it all together, which is the most important job for drummers.  But in the end, the breakdowns outweighed the good.  Here’s to hoping they decide to do a straight death metal album.

Periphery – Djent or whatever the fuck you want to call it.

I hate the goddamn djent term being applied to all the bands that knocked off Messhugah’s style.  Doesn’t matter, not what this is about.  Periphery was cool.  I haven’t listened to them since around the time their first album came out.  I wasn’t to into it then.  I still really am not that into them, but their show was pretty good.  Except they did that gay thing where they told the crowd to “get the fuck up,” making everyone jump up and down.  Seriously, that’s ass.

The Faceless – Orgasm inducing tech / prog / death metal.

So after the lull of the previous three bands, shit gets back on the awesome, colon-busting track with The Faceless.  Holy shit, are these guys good.  Another one of the main bands I came to see, they were incredible in every aspect.  Their songs were extremely technical with odd arrangements and some fun, little circus melodies thrown in for good measure.  These handsome gabronis are a technical death metal fan’s wet dream.  Seriously, I can’t recommend checking them out enough, if you never have.

Between The Buried and Me - PROG.

Between The Buried and Me – PROG.

Oh, fuck yes.  Between The Buried and Me ripped the stage a new mouth hole.  Opening with the epic seventeen-minute “White Walls,” and never playing anything shorter than ten minutes after, Between smashed through their songs with incredible precision.  The amount of times the drummer changed the beats he was playing is uncountable.  I am a huge fan of his (Blake Richardson) style, as he is one of those drummers that plays along with the music — as opposed to keeping a beat behind the music — adding a whole extra layer of sound to the songs.  Backed by a ’70s looking light show, we all got our brains melted with extreme metal one second, then had our hearts filled with love the next by Tommy Rogers’ can-turn-a-straight-man-gay excellent voice.

Cannibal Corpse – Death fucking metal.

Last up was death metal legends Cannibal Corpse.  Again, they were another one of the groups I was there to see.  Cannibal Corpse is spot-on live, blasting through song after song and riff after riff, like, so easy, man.  Front-man George Fisher is an incredible front-man.  The dude’s neck towers at the front of the stage, as he demands crowd interaction.  I could feel the wind from his spinning hair all the way up on the balcony.  The highlight though, which I’m sure anyone who has seen them knows, is Alex Webster.  The man is one seriously talented bass player.  Watching his fingers move all over that instrument was hypnotizing.  Anyone doubting his skill just needs to check out his instrumental prog metal project Blotted Science.

All in all, it was a great show and well worth the price of admission.  Most of the bands were hanging out at their merch booths after, talking to fans and signing shit, which is always something I think is great when bands do.  As long as they’re not being dickencocks.   I hope next year has as good as a line up, because this was such a fun, little mini-festival.  Word.


3 Responses to “Live Reviews – Summer Slaughter, The Trocadero, Philadelphia, 8/12/12”

  1. Reading this, I couldn’t help but think: “fuck, what pussy bands.”

  2. SO looking forward to your review of Lilith Fair, Nick.

  3. […]  The second release Planetary Duality amped up the Prog aspects, much to my delight.  At the Summer Slaughter Tour, I just got to see these guys, and they were fucking awesome live.  Easily one of the highlights […]

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