War Horn – Boy Meets Machine

War Horn

Boy Meets Machine



Looking for a slab of alternative hard rock with progressive tendencies?  Well look no further, weakling.  The debut full length album by Boy Meets Machine is one that should please fans of multiple genres.  One part hard rock, one part indie rock, two parts rapist, and one pinch of prog, this album makes you reconsider your sexuality.  The album kicks off with “Assisted Suicide Note,” the longest track on the album which really shows flashes of progressive rock.  Jumping from fast and loud to mellow acoustics, the song knocks the listener around like Bing Crosby did his children.  This opener should let you know that you are in for more than just a generic indie rock album.

Ladies, the sex has arrived.

The standout aspect of the album is definitely the musicianship.  These boys have chops, and they use their skill to add a subtle layer of technicality to what could have been generic music.  Guitarist Christian Colabelli’s leads are a non-stop show of non-douchey shredding, with a style reminiscent of Larks Tongue-era Robert Fripp.   His playing never gets over the top where it begins to wank.  The pounding and large scope sound of Joe Nivare’s drums create a not-so-hectic wall of sound, that compliments the bass to create a solid rhythm underneath it all. Singer Joel Monet has a bewildering range — from screams and wails of some sort of sadomasochistic delight to mellow and calm singing (which he handles quite nicely, might I add).  Meanwhile, Mike Mentz’s subtleties add to the already intricate guitar lines.

Another aspect enjoyable aspect of War Horn is that not every song follows a traditional song structure.  It’s not just verse, chorus, verse, chorus. Finally hearing a band that isn’t metal or an all-out progressive rock band performing in this way is rejuvenating, allowing Boy Meets Machine to emerge from an abundance of sub-par Jersey-rock.  So yeah, that’s like, cool, like Dawson’s Creek cool.  Brah.

Being gay just got gay.

Essentially, this album has it all.  Catchy melodies, solid musicianship, originality, and ass play. So if you’re looking for something new and a bit different, which you are, give these young bucks a shot at making you moisten up down there.  It feels nice once you get past the awkwardness.  My only complaint is I had to pause Breaking Bad to write this.

Listen to War Horn in its entirety here.


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