Navy Blues – Sloan

Navy Blues




Introductions are things that are found in various places.  Stories have introductions and social settings do as well, just to name a few.  Navy Blues was my introduction to the music of Halifax, Nova Scotia’s indie rock outfit Sloan.  Actually, maybe indie rock isn’t the best way to describe the music of Sloan.  Their sound has evolved over their twenty-year career, but it’s a blend of alternative rock, indie rock, and classic rock.  This mix mainly comes from the fact that the whole band shares songwriting duties, as well as switching off on different instruments based on who wrote each song.  Also interesting is that the band’s lineup has remained unchanged, other than the unofficial fifth member covering keyboard duties for live shows.  Anyways, back on topic, perhaps it’s fitting, then, that introductions are a common theme of the album.

The songs on Navy Blues, as is the case with most Sloan records, tell individual stories, many including instances of introductions (damn, that was some good alliteration).  The refrain of “Iggy and Angus,” a track about members of a long broken-up band meeting again, says “We’re still the same, after all these years,” inferring that despite re-introducing themselves to each other, they realized that not much has changed among them.  “Chester the Molester,” which shares the name of a long-running comic in Hustler magazine, tells the tale of a sexually deprived man trying to chat up ladies at the bar.  He introduces himself, gets shot down, and then wonders “if there’s a pill that says she will,” a thinly-veiled allusion to date rape.

Despite all of this, I honestly don’t think Navy Blues is the best introduction to Sloan’s music.  That’s not to say I don’t like the album, for it’s quite the opposite — I like it very much.  I just feel that Parallel Play is a much better starting point for someone starting to listen to their music.  And now, quite fittingly, I cannot find an eloquent way to end a review about introductions, so this is it: /review.


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  1. Nicholas Says:

    Stop reviewing gay albums.

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