Rush Discography Review

There is more fucking talent in these three than most of Canada’s population combined.

I love Rush.  You love Rush.  We all love Rush.  So why not have hilarious and short reviews of every one of their studio albums?  Because that would be dumb?  Probably.

Rush – 1974

The first album is a great bluesy, hard rock album.  The only album without Neil Peart on the drums.  Pre-prog Rush.  The songs are sexy, simple, and badass.

Favorite Track:  “Working Man” (Duh)

Fly By Night – 1975

Rush begins to show their early stages of progressive rock.  The album still leans more towards the blues-inspired hard rock sound, but Rush’s style is beginning to form.  The album cover makes me horny.

Favorite Track:  “By-Tor & the Snow Dog” (Because its all proggy and shit)

Caress of Steel – 1975

Rush really gets their prog on with the twenty minute “The Fountain of Lamenth.”  They also get their shitty piece of shit song on with “I Think I’m Going Bald.”  Besides that song, this is a solid release, with the prog almost down pat.

Favorite Track:  Tie — “Bastille Day” and “The Fountain of Lamenth

2112 – 1976

Yuuuummmm.  The band is 100 percent successful in forming a twenty minute progressive masterpiece of a song.  This is the first of three perfect albums.  Five shorter songs follow the twenty minute title track and they serve as a great closing to what is the highlight of the album.

Favorite Track:  “2112″

A Farewell To Kings – 1977

My personal favorite Rush album.  Incredible blend of progressive and hard rock.  Awesome classical guitar playing by Mr. Alex Lifeson.  No bullshit, just an awesome album.

Favorite Track: Tie — “A Farewell To Kings” and “Cygnus X-1

Hemispheres – 1978

This album has a man’s ass on the cover.  When you think Rush can’t get any better, they defy you like a little Jewish boy eating pork right in front of his parents.  Then getting beat and locked in the box for his crimes.  Except Rush doesn’t get punished because they are simply too awesome.  Prog so good it will melt your asshole.

Favorite Track:  All of them

Permanent Waves– 1980

Rush pulls back and delivers an album with more commercial tunes.  We get one ten minute track, but the rest are standard song lengths, created for radio play.  Well, maybe a little longer then your Brandon Spears Himme Baybe song.  Less proggy but still just as awesome.

Favorite Track:  “The Spirit of Radio

Moving Pictures – 1981

I think every song on this album was a radio hit.  But, just because it is more radio friendly does not mean we don’t get a good Rush album.  The rhythm section is as tight (like fellow site writer Ryan’s ass) as ever, and Lifeson’s guitar leads are a force of sexual energy to be reckoned with.

Favorite Track: “YYZ

Signals – 1982

The first step down in Rush’s career.  Though that will depend on how much you enjoy synth rock, as the synthesizers get way more prominent this time around.  Not a terrible album by any means but not up to par with the rest.

Favorite Track:  “The Analog Kid

Grace Under Pressure – 1984

A step up from the previous.  Rush finds their footing with their new synth-heavy/new-wave approach to their music.  A good record, but still doesn’t live up to what they were.  But isn’t that just the ’80s anyway?

Favorite Song:  “Red Sector A

Power Windows – 1985


Favorite Track: Fuck you.

Hold Your Fire – 1987

Fuck this.

Favorite Track: Going back and listening to “2112”

Presto – 1989

Praise Satan, this one doesn’t completely suck.  It’s an ass hair better than the last two.

Favorite Track: “Superconductor

Roll The Bones – 1991

Another step up, but this is still far from the greatness that once was (Geddy Lee should never rap again).  This is a decent album though that is worth popping in on occasion if you want some Rush Lite.

Favorite Track:  “Bravado

Counterparts – 1993

Shit gets real.  Great fucking album.  It is good to hear Rush rocking again.  The bass and drums are just orgasmic on this release.  Lots of funk influence.

Favorite Track:  “Leave That Thing Alone

Test For Echo – 1996

While not as good as Counterparts, this album is still awesome and way better then everything else after Moving Pictures.  They continue with keeping the synth to the background and concentrate on rocking again.

Favorite Track: “Driven

Vapor Trails – 2002

What.  The.  Fuck.  Talk about coming back with a vengeance.  No synth, fast fucking guitars, mean bass lines, and double bass beats.  Rush means business this time around, and that business is rocking your cock up into your abdomen.

Favorite Track:  “One Little Victory

Snakes & Arrows – 2007

But Rush is so old, how on Earth can they make a good album?  Because they are Gods.  You are not.  Bow to them, worm.

Favorite Song:  “Malignant Narcissism

Clockwork Angels – 2012

I hope Rush never stops.  Overall, this may not be as heavy as the previous two albums, but it is a phenomenal rock album.  Catchy melodies and solid song writing prevail.

Favorite Track:  “Headlong Flight

Listen to Rush.


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  1. But, fucking, Rush are just pot-smoking, science-fiction-loving, Canadian hippies who sex up keyboards for fun. Why don’t you listen tp home-grown Prog-rock, you Fascist? Why do you hate America?

  2. Kristen Says:


  3. Kristen Says:

    Also, a discography, Nick? Seems eerily similar to a greatest hits cop out, no?

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