Spell Eater – Huntress

Spell Eater



Napalm Records

Today, we’ll look at the debut album and follow-up to the Off With Her Head EP by Huntress.  To be honest, I put off checking this band out the instant I saw pictures of them.  Every photo seemed to be a bunch of hairy metal dudes, with super fucking hot vocalist Jill Janus wearing almost nothing at all, leading the pack.  I immediately thought they were doing the whole female-vocalist-fronting-a-metal-band-as-a-gimmick thing.  So I wrote the band off and didn’t check them out for some time.  As an avid music listener, that isn’t exactly a good thing to do, you know, judging a book by its cover or whatever that saying is.  I am glad I did finally give them a listen though, because Spell Eater is a solid debut album filled with fun guitar riffs, fast drumming, galloping bass lines, and good vocals.  This albums screams 70’s/80’s traditional metal.  Riff after riff crushes your skull until the brain matter oozes out.  A pounding rhythm section backs all the guitar licks.  And, I guess I can address what the turd in the punch bowl was, for me anyway: super hot Jill Janus.

I want her to beat the shit out of me.

Her vocal delivery is quite kick ass with a nice raspy quality to her voice.  What I like is she doesn’t have a “hey, I am a chick singing death metal vocals” sound.  That’s because there are no death metal vocals to be heard.  She just sings in her range, delivering catchy vocal melodies over the numerous fast-paced songs.  The music overall lies in between traditional metal and 80’s thrash, creating something that sounds modern with its influences obvious as well.

I wish that was my blood.

The title track kicks off the album, opening with a speedy riff and some stomping drums until the beat kicks into full swing.  This is the type of song that should be opening an album of this style. The track “Eight of Swords” (the first single from the album) screams Iron Maiden with the galloping (that I so kindly mentioned earlier) and the guitar duels.  We even get what could be Jill’s version of the Tom Araya scream over a double bass thrash beat.  The song “Night Rape” features some pretty kick-ass guitar shredding which seemed to be made for those that love that sort of thing.  The only people who don’t are fellow Stereo Control writers Ryan and Steve and that is because they are too busy being emotional and listening to Ryan Adams.

See that light from Heaven shining down on the lovely angel?

Spell Eater does an excellent job being both heavy and catchy.  The melodic choruses get stuck in your head and make you want to punch a baby deer.  Overall, the playing is tighter and the song writing is a step up from their earlier EP.  We move from track to track at a quick pace which suits the debut well.  There isn’t enough time for the album to lag with the focus on exciting, straight-to-the-point metal.  Nothing is overdone on this record: the solos are all the perfect length, and none of the songs go longer than they need to.  It is invigorating when a band does not need to fill all 70 or 80 minutes of disc space up.  Much of the time you just get stuck with filler. This album is a prime example of some good modern metal that could be enjoyed by a mainstream audience.  I would recommend this not only to metal heads but also to people looking to get their dicks wet in the (greatest) genre of music.  So don’t be a dickhead like me and avoid something because you think it is a gimmick — not that this doesn’t happen, but just because sometimes you turn out fucking wrong.

Summary:  Album kicks ass.

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2 Responses to “Spell Eater – Huntress”

  1. Well played, Nick. Well played.

    But you know who really does hate shredding? Raylan Givens.

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