Days Go By – The Offspring

Days Go By

The Offspring



With over twenty years together as a band and nine studio albums, The Offspring have earned their place as rock veterans. Shifting from the horror-esque sounds of their 1989 self-titled album, to the raw alternative Smash in 1994, and to the radio-friendly Americana in 1998, the band has evolved their sound into something recognizable. When you hear the guitar riffs accompanied by Dexter Holland’s distinctive pipes, you know what you’re in for. Days Go By, the band’s ninth studio album and first release in four years, is an album that seems to try, but ends up feeling like deja vu.

“Days Go By” is just one of the album’s singles, which graces into radio-friendly territory. The song itself is melodic and reflective — fitting for the band’s longevity. However, the album falls short of something fresh with songs like “Turning Into You” which seem to revisit the sound of Ixnay On The Hombre and Americana.

Black and white photos = Instant nostalgia

The band has always been known to step away from the serious lens and write a funny tune or two, and Days Go By is no exception. The album’s second single “Cruising California (Bumpin’ In My Trunk)” breaks away from the band’s typical rock sound, but something about the talk-rock hip-hop style doesn’t seem to mesh well, especially in comparison to older more-typical Offspring releases, such as the similar “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy).”

Long-time fans — we’re talking seriously long-time — are in for a treat with the album’s ninth track “Dirty Magic.” If it sounds familiar, that’s because it is. The band re-recorded the song from the 1992 album Ignition. “Dirty Magic” gets a polished finish for its re-recording, bringing its decade-old sound to date.

I wouldn’t go as far to say this album isn’t “good.” It’s the Offspring, and if that’s what you’re looking for — that’s exactly what you’ll get. If you’re looking for something new from Holland, Noodles, Greg K., and new drummer Pete Parada, this album isn’t where you should turn. For nostalgia, by all means, though, pop the disc in and join the band in reminiscing.


2 Responses to “Days Go By – The Offspring”

  1. Nicholas Says:

    I long for an Offspring that wrote those funny satirical lyrics again. This pop punk bullshit is harming my ears. Cruising California sounds like they are trying to to write a song for the clubs. Conspiracy of One was the last album with traces of what the offspring was, and even they were few and far between on there. Ok i’m done complaining.

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