Go – Motion City Soundtrack


Motion City Soundtrack


Epitaph Records

Hype can be a dangerous thing. When I bought this album, it was the day after I got Metric’s Synthetica, which I think is one of the best albums of the year so far. You understand, then, that I went into this album with high hopes. So, of course you’re all wondering “Did it deliver?”

Well, in a word, no. At least not at first. I was hoping that this album would continue with the energy and pace of My Dinosaur Life. The first track was actually cut from that album, and is really good. I was then disappointed with the rest of the album, though.

However, I listened again, and again, and several more times, and the record grew on me. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite MCS album, but it’s definitely better than I initially thought. The rhyming couplets throughout the whole record are really good. My favorite of them comes from “Bad Idea” — ‘The little heart of mine / Has drunk its weight in blood red wine.’ The rhyming infects the choruses as well, even when they get modified near the end of the songs, which is a common theme on Motion City’s songs. The last chorus of “Son of a Gun” overflows with rhyming:

You’re overdramatic
I’m aerodynamic
It’s oh so romantic
Your heart’s filled with panic
If you’re the Titanic
I’ll swim the Atlantic
Addictions I can kick
To movies you don’t pick
I hate those romance flicks
That’s why I’m a son of a gun

MCS’s Justin Pierre, shown here being really confused as to what a guitar is.

To further gush about the record, the string arrangement on “Everyone Will Die” done by The Laurels String Quartet is fantastic and really makes the song for me. There’s really only one song, “Happy Anniversary,” that I don’t particularly care for, but that may change. I seem to think the record will continue to grow on me even more than it already has.

So, my overall thoughts on Go are: it’s not as snarky as their previous records, it’s more positive than their previous records, it has a more mature feel to it, and it’s fun to listen to. It’s a good album, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it great. I don’t think I’ll place it as my favorite record of the year, but it’s far from my least favorite. It’s definitely worth a few listens to really form an opinion on it. When I re-ask myself if the album delivered, I can respond with a definitive “Yes.”


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  1. Nicholas Says:

    Sounds gay.

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