Dahmer – Macabre





I know exactly what you are thinking:  “I have always wanted to read Jeffrey Damher’s biography, but damnit, why can’t the story just be told via a death metal concept album, filled with nursery rhyme choruses and dark humor?”  Well, it can!  And it has been!  By Macabre, the Chicago based trio known only as Nefarious, Corporate Death and Dennis The Menace.  This three-piece has been molesting our ears with their brand of silly, nursery rhyme, serial-killer themed death metal since 1987.  All of their previous albums have covered many different real life serial killers and true crime stories from song to song.  This is the first time they took a crack at telling one full story.  Firstly, I should mention is that it is accurate.  As crude and silly as some of the lyrics are, it tells the story.  From Jeffrey’s childhood, to various jobs, to the kid that escaped that the cops gave back to him, all the way to his own murder in prison.

The album kicks off with “Dog Guts,”  a glimpse into little Dahmer and the things he did to amuse himself as a child.  This song is pure, fast, death metal.  We get a speedy guitar riff, heavy bass, and double bass drumming to melt your brain to.  An excellent start to any death metal album.  The first example of Macabre’s use of the catchy rhyming is on the third track titled “In The Army Now.”  The song concerns Dahmer’s brief stint in the military, but uses the familiar tune of “The Ants Go Marching.”  Another familiar tune can be found when Dahmer gets a job at a chocolate factory.  Can you guess what it is?  Also when he moves to his grandmother’s house you’ll find you know the tune.

The Men Behind The Madness

The album jumps from pure death metal to those silly jingles non-stop throughout the 26 tracks.  This is an album I would really recommend listening to when you are able to listen to the whole thing, so you can get the full effect of Macabre’s style.  If you want it in small doses, check out songs from many of their other albums, however Dahmer needs to be heard as a whole.  The way they seamlessly flow from such heavy stuff into light-hearted jingles, punk, and even some blues, is quite a listening experience.

The musicians play their instruments excellent as well.  Corporate Death’s riffage, and I guess nursery rhymage, will make any metal head wet in the butt, and his vocal delivery covers everything including guttural growls, high pitched shrieks, and singing.  Nefarious keeps the solid bass lines coming from song to song.  The highlight, for me anyway, is Dennis The Menace on drums.  His beats are a little along the standard for Death Metal, but his fills on the kit are incredible.  He has such a smooth flow from his double bass blast beats into his rolls.  His hand move across the kit like an angel’s finger across a new-born baby’s cheek.

All in all, this is a standout death metal album.  There is no other band that sounds like Macabre to begin with.  Then, you can throw in the fact that you get a biography of one of history’s most notorious serial killers.  A fair warning to potential listeners: the material covered is explicit.  You are told about Dahmer’s crimes in gory detail.   Although there is a darkly comic edge to the presentation, it is not for the pc.  So go on, get your metal on.

Long live pure fucking murder metal!


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