The Return of Stereo Control

Has it really been over a year since we’ve updated This is Stereo Control?  It has.  Well, we could come up with any number of excuses for our lack of writing (being busy with school, being busy with work, having general feelings of apathy), and yet, the only certain thing is this: we’ve been super lame.

But, alas, no more.  I come bearing exciting news.  As of next week, Stereo Control will return (so, not technically true, as this post itself is a return of sorts…) with album reviews.  One major problem with the original operandi of Stereo Control was to try and update once a day.  However, we will not make this mistake again.

As of now, Stereo Control will update three to four times a week:
– Ryan’s features on Mondays
– Kristen’s features on Wednesdays
– New Album Reviews (by one of us) on Fridays
– Steve’s wildcard features whenever

We sincerely hope to follow through with the continuation of This is Stereo Control, bringing you the same entertaining music writing that you so deserve.  And to get money off of the site.  We’d love to get money for writing about music.  Come pay us.  Please.  We promise we’ll pander to whoever does.

Anyway, look forward to new posts starting next week (Monday, July 11th… just to be sure).  Thank you, as always.


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