Here’s Another Thing

So since I started writing a post way too late to do an actual review, I’m just going to make a short post on a topic.

Tonight, I’m going to talk about new music versus old music.  I’m not talking in absolutes here, but relativity.  Personally, there is a moderately sized volume of music that I could consistently listen to without getting tired of it.  This library includes a bunch of Wilco, 311, Sublime, The Shins, Spoon, and a bunch of other stuff also.  Whenever I get ahold of some new music, whether it be a new album from an artist I know, or it’s a new artist to me altogether, I find it hard to integrate it into my listening.  I generally procrastinate listening to it for no good reason.  I don’t exactly know why I do this, maybe it’s some internal attempt to prevent myself from disappointment?  Or maybe it’s just the way I obtain the music.  For example, if I go to Best Buy to purchase a CD on a release date, I’ll pop it in as soon as I get in the car.  With new, digital methods of obtaining music, it doesn’t feel as if I’m wasting anything if I put off listening.  It’s just a bunch of zeroes and ones that I can delete and fill with something else, so why does it matter?  For example, I went out and purchased Return to Cookie Mountain, by TV on the Radio, as a CD, and I listened to it immediately as I got in the car.  More recently, I obtained their album Dear Science via digital means, and it took me a long time to actually listen to it (although I did write a review on it!).

I guess the overarching point here is that new music, no matter how you obtain or store it, should be something exciting.  There’s a bunch of new stuff that I obtained recently, like Broken Bells, Wolfmother’s latest album, and the newest Aloha album (Look for reviews of the last two soon!), and I plan to listen to it recently.  Furthermore, I have stuff that I got back around the beginning of January that I have yet to listen to, so maybe I should get on that soon….


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