Self-Absorbed Survey

Because I have nothing to review currently.  And yet, still a desire to post something music related. So, I’ll give you all a look into more of my music obsession.  And my obsession with lists.  Because I seriously believe you are all extremely interested in anything I have to say.  So, this is all taken from my account as of today’s date.  Also a note – these do not necessarily represent my favorite artists in this order.  Otherwise The Beatles would obviously be first.  But I guess I don’t really have to point that out to you.  You probably all are smart enough to figure that out. 

Also another note: go on  It’s quite awesome.  Especially if you like looking at lists of your own musical interests.

List your Top 25 on Last.FM

1: Wilco
2: The Beatles
3: Ryan Adams
4: Oasis
5: John Lennon
6: Sufjan Stevens
7: Cheap Trick
8: Elliott Smith
9: Weezer
10: Limbeck
11: Uncle Tupelo
12: The Shins
13: Stereophonics
14: OK Go 
15: The Vines (Note: this was originally Billy Bragg and Wilco.  But I count this as Wilco anyway, so everything from 15 on moves up a step)
16: The Apples in Stereo
17: Jeff Tweedy
18: Songs To Wear Pants To
19: Kings of Leon
20: Rage Against the Machine
21: Jon Brion
22: Feist
23: Ryan Calorel (Grr… I’m still on my own list.  Stupid.)
24: Elvis Costello
25: Sean Lennon

Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
The first song I heard by Sufjan Stevens might have been his cover of “What You’re Doing” (originally from The Beatles).  Or it was “Casimir Pulaski Day” because Steve showed that one to me.

What is your favorite album by 2?
A Hard Day’s Night.  As you know already, that’s pretty much my favorite album of all time.

What is your favorite lyric that 1 has sung?
Oh come on, this is such a hard question.  Tweedy’s lyrics are amazing.  It might be “Every song is a comeback, every moment’s a little bit later” but that’s just the first one that comes to mind.

How many times have you seen 11 live?
Zero times.  I was about seven when Uncle Tupelo broke up.  I didn’t know about them until four years ago.

What is your favorite song by 7?
My favorite Cheap Trick song?  Wow, another tough question.  I’m thinking “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace.”  It opens with a twelve-string bass.  That’s pretty amazing.

What is a good memory you have involving 20?
A good memory of Rage Against the Machine would be the first time I heard them.  I was coming home from work with two friends a few years ago.  They played “Killing in the Name Of” extremely loud and started singing it to every car we passed.  Then they started flipping each other off at the “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me” part.  That’s just a song you have to blast at full volume every time you hear it.

Is there a song by 3 that makes you sad?
There’s a lot of depressing Ryan Adams songs.  But that’s why I love his music.  “Elizabeth, You Were Born to Play that Part” stands out.

What is your favorite lyric that 14 has sung?
OK Go doesn’t really have great lyrics.  But “Let it Rain” contains their best words, I believe.

What is your favorite song by 19?
My favorite Kings of Leon song is most likely “California Waiting” off of Youth and Young Manhood.

How did you get in to 22?
I originally got into Feist… uh… I’m not too sure why, actually.  I know it was from the song “Mushaboom.”  I think I either heard it off of Princeton University’s radio station.  From the “Girl O’Clock” program.  Bri, if you’re out there, I miss that program so much, and I love you.

What was the first song you heard by 21?
I first heard “Knock Yourself Out” from Jon Brion because of the movie I Heart Huckabees.  That started an obsession for me.  Jon Brion is quite possibly the most talented individual on this planet.

What is your favorite song by 4?
My favorite Oasis song is either “Champagne Supernova” or “All Around the World” – both epic songs.

How many time have you seen 10 live?
I wish I could see Limbeck live.  But I never have.

What is a good memory you have involving 13?
A good memory of Stereophonics.  Well, I have two that stand out.  First, is learning “Help Me (She’s Out of Her Mind)” on guitar with my dad.  Though he won’t remember that.  Second, is buying Language. Sex. Violence. Other? on a whim and finding it to be a really amazing album.  Unlike all of their other records.

Is there a song by 23 that makes you sad?
All of them.  Every single song by me makes me sad.  I wish I could sing better.  Ok, honestly, I like my songs, but I don’t think they’re up to par with what they should be.  I’m really proud of them, but I know they could be so much better.

What is your favorite album of 15?
Highly Evolved.  Their first album.  I love all of The Vines records, but unfortunately they haven’t lived up to their first album yet.

What is your favorite lyric that 9 has sung?
Hmm… my favorite Weezer lyric?  Maybe the entirety of “Buddy Holly.”  I just like the cleverness of “Ooh-wee-ooh, I look just like Buddy Holly. Woah-oh, and you’re Mary Tyler Moore.”

What is your favorite song by 8?
“L.A.” is definitely my favorite Elliott Smith song.  Though “Coast to Coast” comes in at a close second.

What is your favorite song by 16?
My favorite Apples in Stereo song is either “Glowworm” or “Energy.”  They are just such an ecstatic band.

How many times have you seen 5 live?
Well, since he died in 1980, nine years before I was born, zero times.

What is your favorite album by 12?
As I discussed yesterday, my favorite Shins’ album is Chutes Too Narrow.  Every song is great on that record.

What is a good memory you have involving 25?
I have a few good memories of Sean Lennon.  None of which I really want to discuss.

What was the first song you heard by 18?
Haha, the first song I heard from Songs To Wear Pants To was “Sexy Questions.”  If I had more time, I would go back to that website and listen to everything.  I haven’t been there in years.

What is your favorite song by 17?
Tweedy’s solo stuff is brilliant.  He really does a good job playing Wilco songs acoustic.  I do like his live solo renditions of “Acuff Rose” and “Sunken Treasure.”

What is your favorite album by 24?
This Year’s Model is most likely my favorite Elvis Costello record.  It’s another album with no bad songs. “Pump it Up,” “(I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea,” “No Action,” and “You Belong to Me” are all great.  And, if you have the bonus tracks, it contains “Radio Radio.”


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