The Music of 2010

So now that we’re one-sixth of the way through 2010, I figured it’d be a perfect time to look at what has already come out, and what I’m looking forward to hearing in the rest of the year.  First, the stuff that’s out already.

Spoon – Transference

Ok so I have to confess… I haven’t listened to this yet.  I’m a huge Spoon fan but I just honestly haven’t gotten around to it.  I don’t know why, because I was looking forward to it for awhile (read: since right after my first listen through of Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga)

Vampire Weekend – Contra

I heard a few songs from this band, and I wasn’t sure if I liked them or not.  I’m still not sure, as I’ve also yet to get ahold of this album and give it a shot.  From what I’ve heard, I think I’ll like Vampire Weekend, but that remains to be seen for sure.

OK Go – Of the Blue Colour of the Sky

OK Go have always been kinda ‘meh’ to me.  I mean yeah, “Here It Goes Again” is great indie power pop, but outside of that, I never found anything appealing about them.  I was hoping to find something to like on this album, but (much like the two ones I mentioned before) I haven’t listened yet.

The Apples In Stereo – Travellers in Space and Time

So now for the first of albums to come:  I just have to say, this is one of my favorite indie bands at the moment, and Fun Trick Noisemaker may just be one of my favorite albums.  I’m hugely looking forward to this (and maybe I’ll actually listen to it!)

Ratt – Infestation

I just had to mention this because it’s Ratt.  We’re not Whitesnake, dude, we’re Poison.  I thought we were Quiet Riot… Says here we’re Ratt.

Barenaked Ladies – All In Good Time

So one of the founders, Steven Page, has left the band, and this is their first recorded album since.  This could be a huge failure, but I’m hoping it’s not.  Also, damn dirty Canucks.

Broken Bells – Broken Bells­

James Mercer is taking a break from The Shins until 2011, so this is how I’ll get my fix.  I hope it’s good, and it’s with Danger Mouse, so I’m hoping that helps.

Untitled/rumored albums as of yet:

First is the next album from Arcade Fire.  They are still one of my favorite indie bands, and Funeral is just fantastic.  Their self titled EP was pretty good, and Neon Bible was also pretty good.  Looking forward to their next effort.

Next is Blink-182.  Now, this may not come out this year, but Mark Hoppus has said that he’ll do everything he can to get the album out this year.  We’ll see, and furthermore, we’ll see if they go back towards their older sounds (the ones I prefer…)

Then comes Kula Shaker.  I won’t mention Crispian Mills’ weirdness (it’s there), but they’re re-releasing their second album, Peasants, Pigs and Astronauts, and then following it up with their new album, Pilgrim’s Progress, so we’ll see how it goes.

The Offspring.  Yeah.  They’re still around, in fact they’re supporting 311 on their summer tour this year (I really wanna fucking go), and they’re even recording a new album!  It may even come out this year! I’m hoping so!

Finally, Sum 41 (I swear this reads like my album collection from like 6 years ago).  Lead guitarist Dave Baksh left the band, and the band said they’re making a less poppy record.  Supposedly, they even have 20 tracks done for the album, so I hope it’s out soon.


6 Responses to “The Music of 2010”

  1. The new Broken Bells cd is pretty good and I have yet to check out the Spoon cd. Even though I saw it in the Princeton Record Exchange yesterday and was thinking about buying it.

    • Would you say broken bells are similar to the shins at all?

    • The Spoon album is much better. Broken Bells I thought was just average – it didn’t have any of the magic that The Shins three albums have had. But that’s just my opinion. I’ll actually wind up writing about it tomorrow, most likely.

  2. Transference is great. Won’t say favorite, but Spoon continues to prove just how incredibly consistent they are.

    • Honestly, if you read my last post that I just made, that applies so much to Transference. I just can’t really get myself in the mood to listen to it. I just feel like it will disappoint me somehow. I was similar with Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, and I don’t know why, because that was a very good album. It’s just something I have to get around to doing, and I’ll be much happier once I do.

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