I Told You I Was Freaky – Flight of the Conchords

I Told You I Was Freaky

Flight of the Conchords


Sub Pop

Flight of the Conchords are hilarious, both the music and the show in general.  Bret and Jermaine are masters of comedy, with a slightly wry and dry sense of humor.  They have more of a thinking humor, as opposed to The Lonely Island, which is more brash (although still funny).  So the Conchords’ first, self-titled, album was great, and tonight we’ll be looking at the follow up, I Told You I Was Freaky.  I haven’t seen much of the second season of the show, so I’ll just be talking about the music, and not the context of the songs in the show.

The opener is  “Hurt Feelings”, and the guys start off dispelling rumors about rappers, which they are.  They then go on to talk about ‘autobiographical’ situations where their feelings were hurt.  Some of them are more ridiculous than others, such as looking like a llama.  Still, the song is a funny start to a comedic album.

“Sugalumps” is next, and damn is it funny.  Seriously, I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days at a time, it’s that good.  It’s all full of double-entendres, which are brilliant.  Bret and Jermaine have a real talent with them.  Everything about this song is fantastic; it definitely needs a few listens.

“We’re Both In Love With A Sexy Lady” (damn that’s like a Sufjan-length track title) is a spoof of a song by Usher and R. Kelly.  It’s about two guys who know each other, talking about a girl that they both love.  Through sharing experiences, they come to realize that they’re the same girl.  The argument about her name (Barbra or Brabra) really makes me crack up, especially the ‘there’s no such name as Brabra’ lyric.  The allusions to her lazy eye are hilarious too.

The title track, “I Told You I Was Freaky” is next, and Bret and Jermaine show a new side of them: weird-ass fetishes (what’s an ass-fetish? Oh wait…). Sorry, inside joke that Ryan will get.  Anyway, the track is pretty funny, if just for the sheer riduclousness of some of the ‘sexual’ fantasies.

The next track, “Demon Woman”, has a sound to it that’s really familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it.  The guys describe this evil woman, with some great figurative language.  For example, they call her breasts balls of flame.  The song seems to be a spoof of the typical rock song about a woman who wronged someone in the band, and Bret and Jermaine pull it off well.

So the guys bring out the folk sound with “Rambling Through The Avenues Of Time” (again with the Sufjan-style title).  Bret is telling Jermaine a story about a woman, as Jermaine is trying to watch TV.  Oh and Jermaine says it was pretty gay.  Jermaine ends up asking general questions, which Bret answers with some cool answers, but Jermaine has some sly comments about most of them.  Again, fantastic comedy here.

“Fashion  Is Danger” reminds of Mylo for some reason.  Actually, it seems like Mylo did a song for the movie Zoolander.  The vocals also kinda sound like Bowie to me, or at least similar to the way the guys mocked Bowie on their last album.  Everything comes together to make a good song here.

“Petrov, Yelyena And Me” is the next track, and it has a part carnival-y, part Russian sound to the music.  There’s some pretty funny jokes about Russians, but overall, I can’t say I like the song that much.  It’s just too bland for me.  Thankfully, it plays through fast, and we move on.

“Too Many Dicks (On The Dance Floor)” is such a good song.  This song is a public service announcement about sausage fests.  The lyrics are again hilarious, as usual, and the music is really fun too.  It honestly may be the best song, if not for the song that comes on next.

“You Don’t Have To Be A Prostitute” is the best song on the album.  It’s definitely the chorus that sells me on it, but I’ll come to that in a minute.  Bret is singing a song about Jermaine being a male prostitute.  The verses are great, and full of humor.  The choruses, though, sound like reggae vocals and have some great alternate terms for male prostitute.  For example: ‘bro-ho, male gigolo, boy-hooker, man-ho, night-looker’.  The steel drum at the end is a really cool sound that fits the theme of the choruses.

“Friends” starts off entirely made by voices, except the small guitar part.  The song is all about stuff friends do for each other, like ‘if you kick my dick, I won’t break your balls’ and ‘if you crossed the road and a truck struck you, I’ll scrape you up and reconstruct you’.  Ah yes, the benefits of friendship.  There’s vocals on here from both Rhys Darby and Jim Gaffigan.  Oh and there’s a gay joke in there, I’ll let you find it.

The next track is “Carol Brown”, and it’s the longest track on the album.  That’s not a bad thing, because it is a pretty good song.  It’s about how multiple girlfriends broke up with Jermaine, and the methods all happen to rhyme with their names.  The girls then rebut with bad things to say about Jermaine.  It’s pretty funny when he acknowledges the girls, as well.  Overall, a pretty funny track, and a definite winner.

The album closer is “Angels”, and it’s about angels having sex.  No sense beating around the bush (har har har), that’s what this song is about.  Angels fucking.  In the clouds.  It’s a nice, peaceful song, but when they mention rain, it just makes me do a facepalm.

So there we have I Told You I Was Freaky, the second album from Bret and Jermaine, known as Flight of the Conchords.  Overall, there weren’t as many moments where I burst out laughing as the first album.  However, it is still pretty funny, as long as you have this sense of humor.  I was hoping for more from these guys, but the show wasn’t picked up for a third season, so I don’t know if this will be the last album we hear from them or not.

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