It’s been a while since I’ve written anything

My apologies.

I’d just like to take a minute out and talk about John Lennon. On this date twenty-nine years ago he was murdered outside of his home in New York City.  I forever will fail to mention the name of the man who shot him; I won’t allow myself to remember his name because in a sick way that man wanted a grotesque fame and I will not give him that.  It is utterly mind-blowing how one man’s life and death touched so many people.  Some who knew him well, some who didn’t even know him at all.   They knew his music.  His music opened doors for everyone who listened to it.  His emotions were put into lyrical and musical form; it connected people.

Whether you like the Beatles or not, you must admit they were far beyond their time. They inspired a great number of musicians who followed them.  Their fame was immense, and still is to this day.  Perhaps one of the very few bands ever to stand the test of time.

The Beatles emerged onto the scene at a very trivial point in time for life and music.  As the youth culture changed, they changed as well. The world watched the four musicians from Liverpool transform from “Mop-Top” to men with ideas and political and spiritual opinions.

The American government, for one, hated the opinions of John Lennon. There came a point in John’s life, upon the break up of the Beatles, where he became more than a musician.  He used his celebrity and knowledge to become a strong anti-war activist.  This caused grief with the US government who tried tirelessly to have him removed from the country for exercising freedom of speech. This is perhaps the main reason, besides the music, that I have the utmost respect for John Lennon.  Unlike so many celebrities of our time who use their fame for money and greed and more fame, John Lennon used his fame to reach others and do everything he could to create a social reform; to help people coexist and end the wars and hatred.

Strangely enough, the music of John, Paul, George, and Ringo shaped me.  As a child I viewed these musicians in one light; now I can fully understand what drove them, and how great of an impact they had on their listeners around the world.  My father was an avid Beatles fan, and followed their solo careers as well.  I was probably the only child in my school to bring in Beatles albums for show and tell.  When I was five years old, my father told my sister and I, “John Lennon died today.” (What he failed to explain was that John Lennon died several years ago on that date.)  This “news” left me in the tears for the entire day. For at five years old I loved John Lennon’s work and I could not get my head around the fact that someone could actually kill that man. Now, at twenty-years-old, I still cannot get my head around the fact that someone could actually kill that man.

Although he has since passed, twenty-nine years now, his music will live on. His message will live on. He will forever inspire those who listen.

RIP John Lennon (October 9, 1940-December 8, 1980)


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